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  • Using Diet to Prevent Skin Cancer

    Consuming certain vegetables and citrus can decrease the risk of melanoma, says Dr. Paul Stallone by Dr. Paul Stallone Just as food gives us life, it can also take it …Read More »
  • We Don’t Have to Ignore the Pain

    Dr. Paul Stallone highlights alternative therapies that can help all types of pain. by Dr. Paul Stallone Pain management is not limited to narcotics or over-the-counter pain relievers and pain …Read More »
  • Testosterone Therapy Can Balance Hormone Levels

    Dr. Paul Stallone discusses some important considerations. by Dr. Paul Stallone Men have been undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for decades. Many have had great success, while others have struggled …Read More »
  • Understanding the Flu Makes Treatment Easier

    Over the counter medications may delay recovery, says Dr. Paul Stallone. by Dr. Paul Stallone Getting influenza, or the flu, is one thing, but treating it is another. Most people …Read More »
  • Don’t Surrender to Spring Allergies

    Many options exist to fight allergies and allergic reactions, says Dr. Paul Stallone. by Dr. Paul Stallone This time of year will produce people walking around with red eyes, sneezing …Read More »

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