Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Pain is caused by a number of factors and can lead to restricted movement, insomnia, an inability to carry out daily functions and every day discomfort if left untreated. Despite this, joint pain does not have to ruin your life! Continue reading to learn three simple ways that can diminish the aches of joint pain!

1. Watch Your Weight

Extra body weight can cause major strain on your joints. For example, every extra pound you carry increases the force load upon your knees. The key is to achieve and maintain a normal weight, which you can determine by calculating your BMI.

2. Exercise

Exercise is critical to optimal health; physical activity actually acts as a lubricant on your joints. For example, the joint is surrounded by soft tissue called the synovial membrane, which produces a fluid that acts like oil in an engine, allowing your bones to move past one another more smoothly. If you are already suffering from joint pain, consider swimming! Many studies have shown that water reduces impact on your joints.

3. Boost Calcium and Vitamin D Intake

Not consuming enough calcium or Vitamin D can also contribute to or cause joint pain. For optimal joint health, aim for a calcium-rich diet that includes organic milk, yogurt, cheese, peanuts, and almonds. If you are lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts, then kale, collard greens, broccoli, soybeans, figs, and white beans are all also packed with calcium To increase your vitamin D intake, try to get in the sun for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a week. This mere amount of time can help your body synthesize the Vitamin D it needs!

If you try these things and still experience severe joint pain, you may need to seek alternative treatment. Here at Arizona Integrative Medical Center, we specialize in Joint Regeneration Therapy- an injection technique that treats laxity in ligaments as well as swelling and pain in the effected joint. If you think you may benefit from this technique or would like more information, please schedule a consultation today!