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I have received several injectable treatments from Dr. Stallone. Each one has been a pleasant experience. I have been getting injectables for several years and Dr. Stallone’s technique has been superior to my other treatments. The most noticeable factor being that he is always precise and takes his time to get me the EXACT results that I’m looking for. After having been treated by Dr. Stallone and his wonderful staff, I would not go anywhere else.

Gwen C.Injectables

I learned about Dr. Stallone through a good friend, who highly recommended him. I had been curious for a while about receiving aesthetics. Since it was new to me, I was very nervous about the appointment, however, Dr. Stallone put me at ease immediately and made me feel so comfortable. I left my first visit already loving the results, and since Dr. Stallone is so thorough the results just got better and better. I cherish his work, and have been seeing him for two years! I would recommend anyone who is interested in Botox to see Dr. Stallone!!!

Krysta W.Aesthetics

It was very refreshing to hear a positive, upbeat voice on the phone when I first contacted Dr. Stallone’s office. I was given full, undivided attention and all my questions were answered. Upon entering the office, I felt as though I was in a spa. The décor, music, and friendliness of the office staff far exceeded my expectations. I felt like an old friend they hadn’t seen for a while.

I have had Botox® injections now for about 4 years so I was expecting about the same as I had experienced in the past. Boy was I surprised! Dr. Stallone made sure I was comfortable, and took his time with the injections and was very precise where they were placed. I have had two different doctors in the past do Botox® injections and can honestly say the results with Dr. Stallone were by far the best. It has been several weeks now and I still look in the mirror every opportunity I get! My face looks so natural and I’m ecstatic with the results. I can’t wait to get my lips done. I consider Dr. Stallone to be a master of Botox®, so I’m thinking he’s got to be an artist with Restylane®.

Paulette GaffneyBotox® injections

I’ve been getting injectables for over 15 years, and have high standards due to my husband being a physician himself. Before my first visit with Dr. Stallone, I was apprehensive considering my bad past experiences with many other physicians. Dr. Stallone was incredibly focused and centered on me and my treatments.  I absolutely love his work, and have had him perform my last three treatments, and I even refer friends to his office. I couldn’t believe how professional and engaging he was, I hardly felt the injections! I look forward to my next treatment of Botox® and Sculptra™ with Dr. Stallone!

Phyliss S.Sculptra™

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