Age Management Testimonials

Having a family history of high blood pressure, I had always been told the only way get mine under control would be through prescription medication. I’ve seen what side effects those drugs can have and knew there had to be a natural way to get the same result. After only a couple of months of your recommended supplement regime my blood pressure has dropped significantly and stayed there. Thank you so much for proving all of those other doctors wrong! Best regards,

-Ed Parker, High Blood Pressure

Dr. Stallone helped me with a major life change. I consulted with Dr. Stallone for some advice on how to get myself in better shape and lose weight. After some testing and an examination Dr. Stallone gave me supplements that have made me feel stronger, athletically perform better, and help me lose twenty-five pounds in three months. I highly recommend Dr. Stallone if you are trying to achieve a better, healthier life style with a little helping hand. Paul Broaderip,

-Paul Broaderip, Weight Loss

The older I got the more depressed and unfocused I became. I couldn’t even think about stress let alone be in any stressful situation. My biggest complaint was my loss of energy; I just didn’t feel like doing anything. After everything I tried, and all the false hope I was given, Dr Stallone came into my life and saved it. I was instantly comfortable with him and his office. Not only did he really listen to my problems, but he asked very thoughtful questions, and I got the sense that he really cares. The care I received from Dr. Stallone far exceeds anything I’ve ever experienced in other doctor’s offices, and that’s one of the many reasons why I’ll always continue to see Dr. Stallone. Dr. Stallone is the reason I’m able to live my life! Thank you Arizona Integrative Medical Center!!!”

-Linda Agresti, Fatigue