We continue to address the underlying etiologies that cause disease; we understand and focus on treating each patient individually and want to provide prevailing and pioneering therapies to heal the whole person by improving quality of life and restoring optimum health.

Arizona Integrative Medical Center (A.I.M.) is dedicated to helping individuals rise above cancer. We listen to our patients and provide the tools necessary to empower and encourage each person to take part of his or her recovery process.

We work with choice professionals in oncology, immunology, radiology and other specialties. We feel this group approach is vital to cancer care and will continue to search for new ways to overcome the disease.

One direction of cancer care is not enough to build a strong foundation to help the body heal. We strive to accomplish optimal health and wellness for each patient. Our natural alternative and integrated wellness care is designed to support the body on different levels and address the underlying cause of the illness.

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