Cancer Care Testimonials

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on November 2004. While I was waiting for a period of observation to see the behavior of this tumor, I consulted Dr. Paul Stallone. Being an allopathic physician, I had minimal information and knowledge in integrative medical management of patients with cancer.After listening to Dr. Stallone’s recommendation to different modality of approaching my medical condition, it was quite obvious that I should try his advice in multi-disciplinary ways to control and treat my disease. These would include: changing my diet, multiple dietary supplements and vitamins, ozone and chelation therapy. After only four months of this intense therapy, my pet scan and CT scan were negative for any evidence of lymphoma.

This was a miraculous and marvelous remission in such a short period of time without using any chemotherapy and/or cyto-toxic medication. During this treatment, I have consulted with two nationally known oncologists specializing in lymphoma.They were absolutely amazed and recommended to continue Dr. Stallone’s regimen until complete remission. I am very grateful to God and Dr. Stallone to give me an opportunity to be his patient, and I recommend him to any patient with cancer. I am now a firm believer that the root cause of most diseases and malignancies is in our food and environment that weakens our immune system. And therefore, it would make complete sense to enhance and support our immune system to fight diseases rather than destroying it.

Farshad Agahi, M.D.NHL

I was extremely fatigued after a very aggressive cancer treatment including dose-dense chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries for stage 3 Breast Cancer…
I first met Dr. Stallone in May 2003, because I was extremely fatigued after a very aggressive cancer treatment including dose-dense chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries for stage 3 breast cancer. For the first three years since diagnosis, I had not traveled anywhere or felt strong enough to do anything. I was cancer free when I first came here; I just wanted to avoid recurrence. I was told there was a high rate of recurrence and I wanted to be proactive. I’m happy to state that with Dr. Stallone I have been cancer free since 2004! After 3 ½ years of treatment with Dr. Stallone, and utilizing ozone and vitamin therapy, I talked about the idea of traveling with him since I have been in the travel business for 29 years. I wanted to plan a trip to India, a 22 hour flight, and thought it might be the last trip I could ever take. I really wanted to go and after discussing it with Dr. Stallone, I underwent a mega-dose vitamin therapy. After some hesitation, I went on the trip and it was very successful! I did not get tired or sick, and was able to enjoy it thoroughly! I went to Morocco four months later and I’m now going to China. Dr. Stallone gave me back my love of travel without the fear. Today, he has kept the cancer at bay and has improved my quality of life!  I don’t know where I’d be today without Dr. Stallone….! Thank you so much!!!

Leslie WarrenBreast Cancer

I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the care and support Dr. Stallone provided for my son Vann. When we first met Dr. Stallone, Vann was 7 months old and had just been diagnosed with Stage III neuroblastoma (a very aggressive brain cancer) and was very sick.

After going through the initial whirlwind at the hospital, and being discharged with his first round of chemotherapy in his system, it was clear to me that Vann was going to need some kind of additional support to make it through. That support was provided by Dr. Stallone…from diagnosis in November 2004 through his surgery in April 2005. He provided Vann with the tools he needed (vitamins, supplements, remedies, etc…) to stay strong. As the chemotherapy killed the cancer cells in his body, Dr. Stallone provided him nourishment and healing to recuperate and rebuild, not only the white blood cells, but also his stamina to keep going.

I am so happy to say that with the help of Dr. Stallone, Van stayed on schedule with his chemotherapy, never once got an infection, and was actually able to maintain his weight for the six months of treatment prior to his surgery.

Today, Vann is thriving as a happy well-adjusted 3 year-old who has survived his battle with cancer! I know in my heart that Van was strong enough to survive, in part, because of the encouragement and integrative healthcare that Dr. Stallone provided. He is a very gifted doctor and will always be a very special person to me.

I thank him for taking such good care of my baby…

Ginger AbrahamBrain Cancer

I was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma multiform brain tumor on February 22nd 2005. I was given a poor prognosis that I would survive at best one year after my initial surgery. I was absolutely devastated, as the week before we had found out we were expecting our second child. I was determined to be here when my son was born and to be a part of his life. Once I was released from the hospital and began radiation and chemotherapy, I consulted Dr. Stallone. I wanted to have energy to play with my children and have some sort of quality of life while fighting this disease and knew that there had to be something out there to help me. Dr. Stallone made many recommendations that complimented my regular treatments including changing my diet, taking immune vitamins & dietary supplements as well as IV treatments. Within a week I started to have more energy and felt human again. I had a follow-up scan in May of 2005 and the tumor was without any traces-it was gone!!! This was a miracle!!! I have continued to have MRIs every 8 weeks and there are no signs of the cancer. I am in the top 5% at Barrows Neurological Institute and I have Dr. Stallone to thank for that. I have continued the regime Dr. Stallone had recommended and will continue it in some fashion for the rest of my life. Being healthy is a blessing that can not be taken for granted. Thank you Dr Stallone for giving me my life back!

David KirklandBrain Cancer

Around June of 2003, I was diagnosed with stage 3C (end of third stage) ovarian cancer. With the diagnosis came a 30% chance of a 5 year survival. Before my surgery I started treatments with Dr. Paul Stallone. My recovery from surgery was quite quick, and I was able to drive just two weeks after surgery (sometimes patients need to wait up to 6 weeks!). My treatments with Dr. Stallone continued while I underwent chemotherapy, and they helped me go about my usual routine shortly after each chemo treatment. I am in remission, and have Dr. Stallone to thank for that. Dr. Stallone, thank you for my life!

Ricki B.Ovarian Cancer

It was four years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer, specifically NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). The specialists in Scottsdale and Tucson said it was a slow, but aggressive cancer and we should wait and do chemotherapy. I decided to see what other choices were available to me. I visited Dr. Stallone at Arizona Integrative Medical Center; we discussed my cancer at length, and started on an aggressive integrative/alternative treatment. We did everything from ozone blood therapy, oxygen/ozone saunas, homeopathics, intravenous vitamins, supplements, herbs, juicing, etc….about six month’s later, I went for a scheduled CT scan where they found only slight signs of the cancer… we noticed a large improvement in just six months. The CT scan was repeated at 12 months and then 24 months later; both CT scans were negative…no signs of cancer!!!
It took some time for my body to fully fight back the cancer. I still go to Dr. Stallone for regular homeopathic testing, therapy, and nutritional supplements. It does take effort to stay healthy and cancer free; I plan to stay around for my wife and kids. Thanks Dr. Stallone, for everything.

John KomparNHL