• Sore throat
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen spleen
  • Liver involvement
  • Heart problems (rare)
  • Central nervous system involvement (rare)
  • The above symptoms usually only last for a month or two, however, zoviherp.com in a few cells of the throat and/or blood for the rest of the person’s life. Therefore it is important for individuals to keep their immune system strong at all times and preventatively receive treatment since periodically, the virus can reactivate without any symptoms.

    EBV also establishes a lifelong dormant infection in some cells of the body’s immune system. Therefore, it is important for individuals to know their treatment options. At Arizona Integrative Medical Center, PC, Dr. Stallone uses a variety of modalities to assess the individual’s current health condition and establish a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to alleviate exactly what he or she is experiencing and compliments any treatments a patient may be doing. Individuals suffering from symptoms associated with EBV should be provided with a treatment plan that will continue to elevate and balance his or her immune system so that the symptoms no longer plague them. Dr. Stallone often employs various Nutriceutical Supplements, Immune support, Nutritional IVs, Ozone/Oxygen therapy, DMSO IVs, Homeopathic and Botanical Medicines that will work at keeping an individual’s immune system strong and thriving and EBV symptoms at bay.

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