Family Care Testimonials

Before I went to Dr. Paul Stallone, I was feeling depressed, unfocused, and unable to handle any kind of stress. I had no motivation or interest in life or myself. I was experiencing despair. I could not stand myself being this way, and I felt just total hopelessness. I had very little energy to say the least. I had tried various supplements, but still something was very wrong. I dragged myself out to see Dr. Stallone. As soon as I met him, I knew in my gut that he understood what I was going through. I felt like I knew Dr. Stallone from a long time ago, and it was because he was really there for me and concerned about my health. He really listens and asks a lot of good questions. He explains everything clearly, and answers all my questions. After the first month I realized that Dr. Stallone is a brilliant, intuitive, and gifted doctor. His office is comforting, relaxing, and down to earth. His staff, I have only the best things to say about them. They are kind, very caring, and it comes from their hearts. I have been to many good doctors in the past, so I know when an office is great. I have come a long way since my first visit. I feel so much happier, my energy has improved, and I am handling stress much better. I have hope now, my family says I look better and they can see a big improvement and that’s important to me. Dr. Stallone, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Staff, thank you all so much for your gentle and caring spirits

Lynda A.Depression

I’ve always had allergies but the last few years they have become so severe that despite taking medications to relieve my symptoms they actually got worse. The inability to focus, a tendency to “feel sick” all the time and a lack of energy were now all part of my lifestyle. A friend suggested I meet with Dr. Stallone to see what he might suggest. Dr. Stallone started me on a course of treatment called Allergy Easy. Well, after 6 weeks my energy had returned and my ability to focus which enabled me to enjoy the people around me, my work and physical activities etc. It’s like someone turned on a switch. I think God provided Dr. Stallone to help me and it’s my privilege to recommend him.

Bill EatonAllergies

Dizziness, extreme fatigue, and weight loss were all things that I experienced unexplained for over a month. No one could tell me what was wrong, or what I could do. It was so frustrating! It was the complete opposite at Dr. Stallone’s office, and I felt the difference just talking to his staff when making my first appointment.

Gina N.Chronic Fatigue

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