Common Questions

The following are answers to frequently asked questions to give a better understanding of how Naturopathic Medicine at Arizona Integrative Medical Center can help you.

1. Will my doctor give me a say in the naturopathic medicine and treatments I receive?

The treatments used at our Scottsdale naturopathic medicine clinic are chosen after you’ve been educated on the various homeopathic medicine and alternative therapy modalities recommended by Dr. Paul Stallone. From immunology for auto immune disease treatment and alternative cancer treatment to naturopathic weight loss programs and a host of other issues, the staff at our alternative medicine clinic wants you to understand, participate in, and influence your treatment.

2. What are some of the various modalities a naturopath may prescribe for me?

Scottsdale naturopathic doctor Paul Stallone uses a number of alternative medicine therapies and modalities ranging from immunology and homeopathic natural medicines to Ozone Therapy and much more. Our patients seek out naturopathic physicians for a variety of treatments including auto immune disease treatment, naturopathic cancer treatment, alternative weight loss programs, and more. Dr. Stallone believes in building a strong foundation to help the body heal, and his expertise in alternative therapies will allow him to customize a wellness plan that addresses your specific needs.

3. Can a holistic doctor work alongside my primary caregiver to augment my traditional treatments?

Scottsdale holistic doctor Paul Stallone sees alternative medicine as working in tandem with traditional treatment. When you attend a naturopathic clinic such as ours, you’ll learn about natural medicine and how a homeopathic physician can strengthen your immune system and help your body heal. Dr. Stallone sees the relationship between a naturopathic doctor and traditional doctor as a beneficial one in treating patients seeking alternative cancer treatment, treatment for heart disease, weight loss, and more.

4. Can your Scottsdale physician customize a treatment program for me no matter my health issue?

Scottsdale physician Dr. Paul Stallone takes the time to listen, and when you take the time to visit his Scottsdale naturopathic and homeopathic medicine clinic you can expect a wellness plan tailored specifically to your needs. Dr. Stallone brings the benefits of alternative therapy and holistic medicine to his patients through alternative cancer treatments, weight loss programs, heart disease treatment and more. His naturopathic clinic provides optimal physical and emotional support, and will keep you informed of every aspect of your plan each step of the way.

5. What types of issues does Scottsdale Doctor Paul Stallone treat for?

Scottsdale holistic doctor Paul Stallone focuses on the underlying etiologies that cause disease, and is well respected in the Scottsdale physician community for his use of efficient treatments and therapeutic options. Few naturopathic doctors, homeopathy physicians or naturopathic clinics can offer the scope of treatment Dr. Stallone does. His expertise in homeopathy and naturopathy and innovative use of alternative / holistic medicine brings a multi-faceted approach to wellness care. Consult with Dr. Stallone and the staff of Arizona Integrative Medical Center today.

6. What types of cancer can your Scottsdale alternative medicine doctors treat?

Scottsdale alternative medicine doctor Paul Stallone treats a variety of cancers using alternative modalities and therapeutic options. Patients that visit our Scottsdale alternative medicine clinic learn quickly what a difference an experienced naturopathic doctor can make in rebuilding their immune system. The alternative cancer treatments prescribed by homeopathic physician Paul Stallone can help lessen the symptoms of treatment as well.

7. What is the history of the Naturopathic Physician I will be seeing?

Scottsdale naturopathic physician Paul Stallone is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Medical School at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. A naturopathic medical doctor and practitioner of homeopathic medicine, Dr. Stallone offers a variety of therapeutic options at his Scottsdale naturopathic clinic including immunology and auto immune disease treatment, cancer treatment, weight loss treatment, and more. Alternative therapy can open your eyes to an entirely new and important side of healing, and allow your body and immune system the strength it needs to facilitate a full recovery.

8. Will my naturopathic doctor be an expert in immunology?

Scottsdale naturopathic doctor Paul Stallone’s alternative medicine practice is geared toward helping the immune system function properly. As an experienced homeopathic doctor, he uses an approach based on immunology to help the body heal. Patients visit the Arizona Integrative Medical Center for cancer treatment, thyroid treatment, weight loss solutions, and more, and benefit from a whole person approach that builds a strong foundation for healing.

9. If I choose to visit your Scottsdale Homeopathy clinic is there a long wait for an appointment?

Those wishing to visit our Scottsdale homeopathy clinic will be glad to know they can meet with homeopathic doctor Paul Stallone in a timely fashion to discuss their alternative medicine options. Dr. Paul Stallone is a respected naturopathic physician who treats those seeking immunology, alternative cancer treatments, heart disease treatment, weight loss programs, and more. The staff at Arizona Integrative Medical center invites you to discover the multi-faceted approach to wellness today.

10. What factors are considered in a wellness plan at your Scottsdale alternative medicine clinic?

Our Scottsdale alternative medicine clinic is home to Scottsdale physician / naturopathic doctor Paul Stallone, whose individualized wellness plans for patients use homeopathy and naturopathy modalities to address many factors that contribute to illness and disease. A noted naturopathic physician, Dr. Stallone uses alternative therapy modalities to address nutrition, diet, emotional well-being, and lifestyle issues in patients seeking alternative cancer treatments, heart disease treatment, and more at his alternative medicine clinic. Naturopathic doctor Paul Stallone, NMD, uses homeopathy and naturopathy to augment conventional treatment for a variety of issues, and through the use of alternative therapy can address the core issues at the heart of your illness.

11. How are Naturopathic Medical practices different than other Medical practices?

Naturopathic Medicine treats the cause of the disease using natural, non-invasive therapies. In contrast, conventional doctors generally, address and treat the symptoms of a disease, using pharmaceutical therapies and surgery.

12. How are Naturopathic and Conventional doctors similar?

Both are required to study biomedical science at 4 year accredited graduate medical school. Both diagnose, predict the course and prescribe treatment for the disease.

13. Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by Insurance?

Yes. Many insurance companies cover Naturopathic Medicine; however there are limitations to what therapies are covered. Arizona Integrative Medical Center supplies the proper billing codes needed by insurances and patients submit and are reimbursed according to the individual coverage.

14. Can Naturopathic doctors prescribed Prescription Medication?

Yes. In the State of Arizona, licensed Naturopathic Physicians have DEA numbers and prescribe prescription medication for patients.