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Deciding how to fight your cancer…


You may very well be thinking, “I’m completely overwhelmed. There are so many products — in this report and all over the internet — that sound good, what should I be taking?”

It certainly is overwhelming. Even writing this report, deciding what to put in and what to leave out can lead to overload. So let’s try to review and break down this information a bit to perhaps help you be able to more easily decide what might be the best approach for your fight against cancer.

Remember, you don’t have to make an either/or choice about whether to take chemo or radiation or go with an alternative approach to cancer. These products have all been successfully used while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation — and can be used with other supplements as well.

As they will help the body more successfully deal with the side effects of chemo, which can literally kill you before the cancer does, they are of great benefit for this reason alone. You will achieve better results from the chemo or radiation when supporting your body with some of these supplements. Especially as their cancer killing properties attack cancer in ways that chemotherapy and radiation don’t.

Even if chemo and radiation are initially successful, far too often the cancer comes back within two months to two years. They both put quite a strain on the body, and do nothing to improve the body’s internal environment to make it healthier. So the cancer can come back quickly, and is usually worse the second or third time. This doesn’t have to happen.

Support your body with supplements before, during and after chemo that will help you reverse the underlying causes of cancer discussed in this report. That in addition, fight cancer on their own. Cancer should not be fought with one hand tied behind the back. Doing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery without supporting the body, adjusting the body environment to one of health, and attacking the cancer cells with potent herbal and nutritional supplements doesn’t make sense. They can do no harm.

It is of course important to eat healthy. Organic, if possible, to reduce toxins. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids from organic cold pressed flax oil (take it with cottage cheese as the Europeans do to fight cancer) or fish oil.

Cancer thrives on sugar and refined grains. Cut them out as much as possible, and don’t use the artificial sweeteners as they are not healthy. Stevia is the most healthy sugar substitute. There is one liquid stevia extract that tastes good as it has no aftertaste. Most do, so don’t give up on stevia if you have previously tried some and didn’t like it. The extract my suggested supplier carries will taste good.

Live fermented foods are known for their cancer fighting abilities as healthy intestinal flora play a major role in the immune system. And raw foods in general are healing.

If my wife had cancer, she’d be taking almost every one of the supplements mentioned in this report in high doses. She doesn’t like to mess around! You can’t do to much when you’re fighting cancer, just too little. It may even be cost effective. The faster you beat cancer, the sooner you can reduce the amount of supplements you are taking. The more you’re doing, the more ways you’re attacking cancer, the greater your odds of success.

The Optimal Wellness Test, and the products it recommends — which are not covered in this report except for Primordial M-Water — ensures that you don’t miss correcting something that needs to be corrected in order to beat cancer.

Of course, most of us can’t afford to do everything. Deciding what to do is usually a balance between what’s affordable, how serious the cancer is, how many supplements someone is willing to take, and in some cases by limiting factors like not being able to swallow pills.

All of the products can be used together , and being natural whole food supplements, don’t have reactions with medications. Trying a bottle of this and a bottle of that, will not make a difference in most cases. Cancer is something you have to hit as hard as possible, especially in serious cases.

Because these nutritional supplements in this report deal with the underlying causes of cancer, they can be effective against all types of cancer. It may be possible that a particular supplement is more effective against a particular type of cancer, but that is usually not the case. A supplement may have been successfully tested on a particular cancer, but that doesn’t mean that it is not just as useful for any other cancer…

For example, a clinical study at an Arizona university (not yet published) found that Oxygen Elements Plus was effective against breast cancer. This doesn’t mean that it is only good for breast cancer. There are many testimonies of its success with breast cancer, but there are many testimonies of success with other cancers too.

There are several other products that seem to be particularly good for hormonal cancers like breast and prostate cancer. A number of health professionals in Europe are having good success using U-Fn for breast and prostate cancer. Colon cancer too. Ellagic Formula with Graviola is good too. Pomegranate-Noni Juice would be excellent if you prefer to drink your supplements. The pomegranate supplies ellagic acid, and I have seen some excellent testimonials on noni juice and prostate cancer. For juices a strong therapeutic amount like 6 to 8 bottles a month or more.

Based on the rapid remissions it has made, Cellular Zeolite has got to be at the top of the list of products to take. The results are astounding. I think of the man scheduled for prostate surgery who use Cellular Zeolite for the two weeks before his surgery. When he went it for the pre-surgery test, the cancer was gone. A full month’s supple is fairly expensive, but even one bottle may give you enough improvement that you’ll know you must keep using it. It is not a miracle, and will work better for some people than other people. But combined with other to

The Koch TMT Molecular Therapy or the SSR Super Quinone also come to mind as unique and remarkable cancer fighters with a long history of success.

But like Cellular Zeolite, they are a bit expensive. So some of the other top tier products that are less expensive may need to be considered first. Such as:

Defense at a bottle or two a month has strong anti cancer tumor reducing activity.

Elemental pH at a bottle a month for increasing alkalinity. MSM at 20 grams a day will also help some with alkalinity, and provides sulfur which helps kill cancer.

Oxygen Elements Plus at 4 or 5 bottles a month is the primary product for oxygenation. For additional oxygenation effect, consider 2 to 3 bottles of Max Performance which also increases Natural Killer Cell activity 4-fold.

Ellagic Formula with Graviola at 3 bottles a month fights free radical damage and kills cancer cells.

AFA Blue Green Algae working up to 15 grams a day , Nature’s Biotics and Whole Cell Beta Glucan at a couple of bottles a month, are some of the less expensive immune system support products.

The Clay Bath Detox Kits are excellent and inexpensive detoxifiers that don’t overload the detoxification system in the body.

Primordial M Water at a bottle a month optimizes the hydrating effects of your drinking water. At 6 bottles a month it is going to be also working on the energetics in the body and support healing in other ways.

A couple of basic products for good health are the PhytoBio Enzymes for digestion and the probiotic formula in Total Immune Booster .

Some of the very best cancer fighting products are more expensive.

These include Cellular Zeolite, the Koch TMT or SSR Super Quinone , with Koch’s Five Mineral Catalyst Formula for further cellular repair.

Glutathione PleoLyposome at 4 to 5 bottles a month is the very best cellular detoxifier and the best antioxidant you can get as it is the body’s main detoxifier and antioxidant.

MPS Gold, MPS Gold 3X, U-Fn , CellXcite and Carnivora have strong immune system support and cancer killing abilities.

There are many other good cancer fighting supplements mentioned in this report. They are all valuable or they wouldn’t have made it here, but they are not as important as this top group.

To beat cancer, you don’t have to use all the products, even one or two can get rid of cancer in some cases. If you deal with many of the different cancer weaknesses, you will be fundamentally improving the health of your body, plus being more likely to beat cancer. Of course, the more serious the cancer is, the more you may need to do.

If you have early stage cancer, or are looking for the best way to prevent cancer and improve your health, the Optimal Wellness Test comes to mind. There is nothing else that will tell you the exact products you need to correct the specific imbalances that could create, or did create, cancer. There will be no guesswork as to what will work for you.

A reminder, these products can be used along with, and in addition to, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They will work with the chemotherapy and radiation to attack cancer from all fronts. Using these products supports your body’s attempt to heal itself, which it can do better than any doctor.

I hope this report has given you the insight that cancer is not some mysterious disease that’s almost impossible to beat. This is not the case. If the powers that be were to work on prevention of cancer by reducing our exposure to the huge array of toxins we are exposed to, we would start winning the fight against cancer. Cancer is very big business for the drug companies and the medical community. With huge profits. They influence the government, and you will continue to see more toxins, more gmos, more cancer.

Read the book Cancer-Gate by Dr. Samuel Epstein for a full understanding of this. He claims that National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have betrayed us, spending tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers and charity money “primarily targeting silver-bullet cures while ignoring strategies for preventing cancer in the first place”.

But with the understanding of how cancer works that you have learned from reading this report, you do not need to to fall a victim to cancer. You can take effective action that will give you a much better chance of winning the fight against cancer, even if it is late stage cancer. You may need a silver bullet cure at that stage, like Cellular Zeolite, and other powerful cancer fighting supplements.

Following is a review of the top tier products mentioned in this report.

Cellular Zeolite activates the p21 gene to cause cancer cell apoptosis. Four bottles a month, about 16 drops three times a day is a high therapeutic dose.

Oxygen Elements Plus deals with lack of oxygen, and no other supplement will oxygenate well as OE+. Be sure to use it at a high therapeutic level such as 4 to 6 bottles a month as normal levels of oxygen just won’t do the job.

SSR Super Quinone or the Koch TMT Formulas work on oxygenation of cells as they help with repairing cellular mitochondria. In addition, they slow down and prevent the replication of cancer cells as they deal with the lack of methylglyoxal in cancer cells. This is quite important in stopping the rapid growth and replication of cancer cells. A 14 vial course of SSR lasts a month and a half, and two 10 vial sets of TMT last 3 months.

Don’t use both, either one will do. The small vials the SSR comes in have screw off tops so are easier to open than the Koch vials — where you have to break off the tops because they come in sealed glass vials that are used for muscular injections in Europe. (By far the most effective way to take the remedies.) The Koch vials contain twice as much formula so you get more with them. They are the full range of his remedies and thus are a little more complete. The SSR usage may be more intense as it is one a day for 10 days and one a week for 4 weeks, then repeat, while the TMT is one a day for 10 days and one a week for 10 weeks.

The Five Mineral Catalyst Formula was also developed by Koch, and this works well in conjunction with his other formulas for adjusting cellular metabolism. One bottle lasts 3 months.

Max Performance helps you get much more of the oxygen you breath into your cells. Plus it is a potent immune system supplement, greatly increasing Natural Killer cell activity by about 400%.

Elemental pH is highly recommended for increasing pH levels when you are fighting cancer. One bottle lasts a month. Once your pH levels are normalized, keep taking it so that your body can better detoxify itself. Plus cancer cells pump out a lot of acid and this will help to neutralize that acid production.

Primordial M-Water will help hydrate cells and energize the body. One bottle will last a month if you use it primarily to micro cluster your drinking water for improved water and nutrient absorption into cells. (This wasn’t a top pick of mine till I read hard research showing it produced much smaller micro clusters of water than other similar products.) If you drink a lot of it undiluted morning and night for its energy benefits, you may want as much as six bottles a month.

Ellagic Formula with Graviola is a potent free radical scavenger and cancer cell killer. A high therapeutic amount is 3 to 4 bottles a month, 18 to 24 capsules a day.

The most potent immune system support may well be MPS Gold with the MPS 3X (aloe powder has had some powerful effects on cancer over the years). One large size bottle of the Gold and one bottle of the 3X are a normal therapeutic amount for a month. A very high therapeutic amount would be 3 bottles of each a month.

Defense is a cancer killing herbal formula which also acts as an antioxidant, fights pathogens and is an immune system booster. Use 4 capsules a day for fighting cancer, two bottles a month.

Whole Cell Beta 1-3D Glucan works very well with MPS Gold and can also be used on its own. Use one capsule for every fifty pounds of body weight. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. Research shows it is the most potent beta glucan on the market, and that it has very strong effects on the immune system.

U-Fn U-Fucoidan extract is another power immune system supplement that can cause cancer cell apoptosis. Six capsules a day, 3 bottles a month is a therapeutic amount.

AFA Blue Green Algae is good for detoxification, nutrient support and more energy along with supporting the immune system and supplying cancer killing phytonutrients. The 500 capsule bottle is a normal therapeutic amount for a month, two of those is a high therapeutic amount. The one pound of the powder is a high therapeutic amount for a month or will last two months at a normal therapeutic amount.

Glutathione PleoLyposome is quite clearly the best supplement there is for detoxifying the cells, and for helping the liver to be a more effective detoxifier. Plus it is the body’s main antioxidant. This is in a form that actually gets into your cells. Use 1/4 bottle at least four days a week. More may be taken. This is excellent to mix in with the MPS Gold.

Nature’s Biotics stimulates the immune system to fight cancer several ways, and it cleans the intestinal walls too. One bottle is enough the first month, two or more bottles a month after that.

Again, there are many other additional products that you read about in this report that fight cancer or support your body in other ways. Pick and choose the ones you find useful. They are all good. A reminder…

Do something to get the chlorine out of your drinking water and shower – get a shower filter if you are already drinking filtered or bottled water and don’t need a whole house filter.

If you are still drinking coffee, switch to healthy coffee from Gano Excel. It provides immune support, helps normalize pH, and helps to detoxify the body. I really like the fluoride free Green Tea Extract and Liquid Stevia . Its a simple and tasty way to get a lot more antioxidants and the stevia sweetens with no sugar. Take plenty of ImmunoPro or ReNewPro undenatured (raw) whey protein if you need to get digestible protein to support your body.

Another source of digestible protein that is mostly raw, and vegan too if you are following the Koch TMT protocol for a while, is the Organic Food Bar . They taste good, are 90% raw, which is always healing, and each bar has 10 to 14 grams of protein in them. They give you additional nutritional support which is always important with cancer, and are the best food bar I have found. Some doctors have their cancer patients eat them because they are a good source for digestible protein. (They do have fruit sugars in them though, and if you are eliminating all sugars, then stick with the ImmunoPro or RenewPro.)

You don’t have to use everything in high therapeutic amounts, however, make sure at least several supplements are used in therapeutic quantities. The worse a cancer, the more it’s better to do.

5 Step Game Plan

1. Below you will find links to these cancer-fighting products. Click the links below.

2. Look for the products you have decided to use and purchase them.

3. Start taking these products faithfully and in the suggested dosage as discussed above.

4. If you see results, great. Continue with the protocol. If not, alter your protocol with more products and vary the dosage till you see results.

5. You may want to get the personal guidance of a Scottsdale naturopath using these suggested strategies to help you.

10 Available Resources For Beating Cancer

Some of the supplements you’ll need to beat cancer and win are widely available. Many are hard to find. Below is a source where you can stock up on these special supplements – the ammunition you need – to overcome your cancer. Plus find other information you might find of interest.

1) is an excellent and helpful online store specializing in effective immune support supplements. It carries all the supplements and the video mentioned in this report, and more. They can answer questions you may have about the supplements. In addition, they give a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on their products.

CLICK HERE to visit their immune system supplement page.

2) To learn more about the Optimal Wellness Test, go to

3) Toxicity is a major issue in cancer. Most household cleaning supplies are packed full of toxins. Laundry detergent is especially bad as you as the toxins in it stay in your clothes and are absorbed through the skin. Click here to learn about a highly effective and completely safe plant based cleaner that you can substitute for all your household cleaners.

4) To read about a skin cream so effective and powerful it is used in some cancer clinics for skin cancer, click here.

5) Cancer is stressful. Controlling stress is a major issue in healing as study after study shows the power of the mind and emotions in causing disease and getting over disease. It is useful to clear up any past emotional baggage that may have lead to cancer. To learn about a technique that can help you handle stress and fear, deal with past emotional issues, even to help deal with dying, go to the EFT web site Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and very effective way to reduce fear and stress and resolve many issues that may prevent you from healing.

6) People sometimes ask what foods are good for you, and what aren’t. Other than general common sense like staying away from sugar, refined flours, and most refined vegetable oils, it’s very hard to say what’s good for you and what isn’t. That’s because your metabolic body type plays a big part in determining what foods are good for you and what aren’t. There is a science behind this that can help you determine what foods may be good for you and which ones you may want to minimize. Click here to learn more about the metabolic typing diet.

7) A raw food organic diet is one of the most healthy ways to eat. That’s one reason why I like the Organic Food Bars. There is another place you can get raw foods that are healthy snacks or meal replacements to munch on, including raw nutrient dense powders that you can mix up in a drink which would be excellent for a liquid diet. Expensive but good. Click here to go to their website, and substitute a healthy raw food snack for the not so healthy stuff you may be eating now. There’s some interesting information too.

8) A few years ago a researcher figured out the reason animals pastured in fields under high voltage wires are not affected by the electromagnetic radiation while people are is because the animals are grounded, being in touch with the earth. He theorized that because no one in Western society sleeps on the ground anymore and wears synthetic soled shoes and is exposed to EMFs all the time, if we could sleep on a mattress pad that grounds us, it would be much healthier for us.

It was. In research studies and anecdotal reports from user there were many benefits. Sleep improved, stress related cortisol levels reduced, pain lessened. Grounding yourself when you sleep provides a wide range of health improvements. Click here to learn more about these grounded mattress pads and how you can purchase one and try it to see what it will do for you. It comes with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee so if it isn’t a big help to you, send it back.

9) If you need a water filter for your drinking water, and you do if you only have chlorinated and fluoridated tap water available, that or bottled water, click here to read about one of the best water filters you can get, a six stage filter system that has sold for as much as $900. It will even help energize the water, getting rid of the energy signatures left in the water (like a homeopathic remedy) of the toxins it has filtered.

10) There are two websites that provide extensive education on the dangers of genetically modified foods – and what you can do to stop this craziness. focuses on what to do. focuses on what’s wrong with gmos.

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