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Some people use many of the products mentioned in this report to hit their cancer. Others use only one or two. It happens all too often that someone with cancer refuses to consider anything other than the standard medical treatment until the doctors give up on them. Even in these cases, people can get over cancer if they hit it hard. But at that late stage not everyone will survive. Too little to late.

This report covers strong cancer fighters that would be beneficial to anyone fighting cancer. There are areas it does not cover. We don’t precisely know what is going on in your body. And your body chemistry could have fundamental imbalances that reduce the ability of the body to fight cancer. They might even be instrumental in the development of cancer. So it would be a good idea to make sure you are not missing something your need to be correcting by taking the Optimal Wellness Test ….

The Optimal Wellness Test is a highly accurate test that analyzes your body chemistry.Test results recommend the exact products needed to correct the imbalances it picks up. The recommended products were all tested, reformulated and retested in clinical trials. The only nutritional supplement product line that has ever undergone such complete and rigorous testing.

Each product has been proven to be effective in correcting the imbalances. When the test was developed, the lab tested many nutritional supplements. Not one improved body chemistry. So they literally had to develop their own product line, testing and reformulating products till they they made them effective. The use of the products recommended by the test ,will help you obtain a healthy, cellular environment that will hinder the growth of cancerous cells.

The lab uses a unique and highly accurate testing machine to analyze a frozen saliva and urine sample for 34 clinical markers. Everything from pH to conductivity to oxidative stress, toxicity, and more. When you take the test, you will get a chart that shows you what’s going on in body, what’s out of balance, and what’s not. It will keep you from missing any underlying conditions that may prevent your recovery from cancer, whether you use the supplements mentioned in this report, or any other therapy for that matter.

The value of the test lies in its ability to provide you with a basic health supplement protocol that is much more accurate than anything a health professional could develop on their own. Results have been impressive. Out of approximately 2000 clients with cancer, mostly stage 2 and 3, only six people died.

“I had cancer in both breasts and had them both removed, chemotherapy and radiation twice.Two years after all of that my medical Doctor told me my cancer markers were getting high again. and he should try to find where the cancer was growing. My best friend had been getting Optimal Wellness Test 3 times yearly and she had remained cancer free and even cold free for about 2 years. I decided I would have this test done and see what else I could be doing besides getting surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and feeling like I would rather be dead. Nothing they did worked the last 2 times.

“It has been 3 years since my first Optimal Wellness Test and I have spent very little money, felt good, and my PSA is normal! I know that this natural approach to keeping me Well has been a life saver for me. I will always have one of these test done every 3-months just to make sure I am following the Wellness Path correctly, and I have no question that I will live to be 100 years old.” Joan Weinberg

Adjusting cellular environment with the Optimal Wellness protocol is fundamental to improving your health. It will help you make sure you are not out of balance in a way that will prevent you from recovering from cancer as you use some of the top tier cancer products mentioned in this report…

For some people even one cancer fighting supplement can make the difference.

One man said his mother had been taken off chemo three weeks before because it wasn’t working and there was nothing else to do. They told him to look into hospice solutions for her as she was in bed all the time and didn’t have long to live. Shortly before that, she had started taking Oxygen Elements Plus. A week later her energy had improved so much she was up and active all day long, going out shopping and feeling good. Hospice was not needed.

A nutritionist reported that she had put someone on Ellagic Formula with Graviola a couple of months before. After going through 7 bottles, the tumors in one lung and in the lymph nodes were gone. The main tumor in the other lung was still there, but the doctors said it was dead at its center.

Linda reported that the doctors were amazed by what was happening with her father’s advanced cancer. He was using Elemental pH. And another family member with a blood cancer also using Elemental pH had been scheduled for chemotherapy. When she went in for it, she was tested and told she didn’t need it anymore.

In most cases, more is better when it comes to fighting advanced cancer. You can only do too little… not too much.

“The products I bought to fight my Mom’s cancer seem to be working. They wrote her off back in February. One doctor gave her 3 to 6 weeks. She just celebrated her 82 birthday. SHe has no pain, no illness of any kind. She is now walking again also. Cancer had eaten at her pelvis bones. (Radiation did work on that for the pain). She is refusing Chemo since she feels so good.

“The Doctor is just “flummoxed”. Her blood counts are all normal and her bones in the pelvis are growing back. Something they said would not happen. The only product I bought from you she just could not handle was the Super Quinone. The first dose was so strong and frightening for her she won’t take any more. But she is doing well without it. She did however, after 3 weeks of taking things, “purge” for hours one night. I feel it was as you say the dead cancer cells being forced out of her body.

“Thanks again for your advice and products. I have recommended them to a lot of people.” Diane

(Her mother experience a healing crisis with the Super Quinone. That means it was working quite strongly. What you do when that happens is stop taking it till the reaction is over. Then resume taking it. Stop each time there is a healing crisis.)

All of the products mentioned in this report are valuable. Some are more potent then others, and you certainly want to concentrate on using those top products in order to most effectively fight the cancer.

“In 2003 my husband was told he had a pancost tumor on his upper left lung. He began 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. On April 1st, 2004 he went thru a 10 hour surgery to remove the upper left lobe, parts of his ribs and the tips of the T3, T4 & T5 vertebrae.

“In May 2005 he was informed the cancer had returned in the lower left lung and on his spine causing compression fractures of the C2, T3, 4, 5, & T6 vertebrae. He refused chemo and radiation therapy. We studied the information on your site and began a regiment of detoxing, cleansing, and using several of the products and a complete life style change.

“The recent CT scan, PET scan, blood work and MRI came back cancer free. Thank God. He still has the issue with his back, but no cancer: We will continue taking the holistic approach using your products. Just to name a few: Oxygen Elements Plus, MSM, AFA Blue Green Algae, Ellagic Acid with Graviola, Elemental pH and more. Faith and prayer does work cause without it I would not have found you, many thanks. Our future looks brighter. Thank you…”

Patrick and Olga – August 1st, 2005

Most of the top tier products are very effective cancer fighters — even on their own. They target all cancers, it doesn’t really matter what type you have. Because they are targeting the underlying causes of cancer, the underlying weaknesses of cancer. They are natural and safe, you can take high therapeutic of them with no side effects.

INSIDE TIP: Even if you are taking a number of supplements in moderate doses,you need to be using high therapeutic amounts of at least one or two of the top tier cancer fighting products as discussed in this report.

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