Joint Regeneration Testimonials

I had terrible pain and stiffness in my shoulders which started about ten years ago. It got to where I couldn’t even do the dishes, or lift my arms above my head. I tried talking to my primary physician, who told me that there wasn’t much they could do for me. I tried to live as normally as I could, but I always held out for hope that something would help me. Then seven years ago I had to start using a walker, and some of my hope diminished.  My husband and I were in Carson City where I read an article about Prolozone.  Dr. Stallone was listed in the article as a doctor who practices Prolozone, and that’s how I met him. We started with Prolotherapy for my shoulders in July 2009, and eventually treated my knees and hips. Not only can I feel the difference, but I can lift my left arm above my head now! I know that I will need more therapies in the future, but I can feel improvement after each time so I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Stallone! Not only has Dr. Stallone helped me, but now my husband is seeing him, and now he’s feeling better too. Thank You Dr. Stallone!!!

Harriet BJoint Stiffness

I have been a competitive-level and recreational-level bodybuilder for over 35 years. Several years ago I tore the labrum in my left shoulder. Instead of taking the orthopedic surgeons advice and having surgery I chose to go to Dr. Stallone for joint rejuvenation therapy, or sometimes referred to as “prolotherapy”. Over a period of several months and bimonthly sessions the pain in my shoulder reduced considerably. A follow up MRI was taken and the previously diagnosed labrum tear had healed. I would strongly recommend that anyone with joint pain consult with Dr. Stallone prior to undergoing surgery.

Peter MavrikosProlotherapy

After sustaining a knee injury cycling some sixteen years ago, simply standing for extended periods resulted in pain lasting for days on end. Knowing that the standard orthopedic course of treatment would entail invasive surgery, prolonged physical therapy and no guarantee of ending my reliance on analgesics, I elected to accept the chronic nature of my condition; adjusting the way in which I led my life accordingly. Mentioning my knee in passing to Dr. Stallone, he enthusiastically recommended Prolotherapy. With the second of a four treatment regimen, I began to regain noticeable joint resiliency. In a matter of three weeks, activities I would’ve otherwise avoided had become completely painless. By the end of the prescribed course, I had resumed anodyne-free recreational cycling for he first time in more than a decade. Anyone faced with the prospect of orthopedic surgery would do well to confer with Dr. Stallone, either to reinforce your orthopedists treatment or, like me avert surgery altogether.

Jackson PorterKnee Pain

I’ve been to many physicians with this 20 plus year problem of arthritis in my left knee and it wasn’t until I    received Prolo Therapy from Dr. Stallone that I finally felt some relief from the debilitating pain that   controlled my life for so long. After 6 sessions, my knee was without pain and had full function back. The follow-up MRI showed actual growth in my cartilage and I am able to live my life to the fullest without being restricted by knee pain.

Lena CarrieriArthritis

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