Naturopathic/Homeopathic Care Testimonials

Thank you Dr. Stallone for all your help. I suffered most of my life with irritable bowel syndrome, yeast/Candida problems, and bad PMS. I saw Dr. Paul Stallone, and after his treatments and helpful information. I was able to make the necessary lifestyle changes. I am fully 100% cured of symptoms I had for more than 20 years. I can now eat what I want with no problems and I don’t need any prescriptions for my PMS. I no longer have problems with Candida and love my new life.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

My experience with Dr Stallone goes back to 2002 when I came to him for help in dealing with a ten-year history of fairly severe Crohn’s disease. He was so thorough and helpful in establishing my health history and really looking at me as a whole patient. Throughout my treatment, Dr Stallone helped me to see beyond the limitations of traditional medicine while we explored a number of promising alternatives.
I am happy to be cured of the affliction, and grateful for Dr Stallone’s guidance and support in overcoming a very difficult challenge in my life.

Crohn’s Disease

Nubar and I were constantly in and out of the hospital and no one could tell me what was going on. Fever after fever, infection after infection and antibiotic after antibiotic, I could tell that this fragile little boy was done and I was too. That is when I found Dr. Stallone. After an office visit and some blood test, Dr. Stallone discovered that Nubar had food allergies and the food he was eating was actually getting him sick. Now we are almost 2 years later with no incident. He’s healthy, happy and active Kindergartner with plenty of energy and we both have a better understanding of what food does for and to our bodies. Thank you Doc, for giving Nubar back Quality of life and for helping me regain my sanity. J.L.U

Homeopathic Allergies

I first came to see Dr. Stallone in regards to my ‘change of life’. After a quick and painless test, I was given my homeopathic hormone drops. The positive thing is that within days of starting the drops, the hot flashes were GONE… I can’t thank Dr. Stallone enough.

Homeopathic hormones