Nutritional IV Therapy

IV Bag

Nutritional support for cancer patients is imperative. The immune system is an important ally in the fight against cancer, indeed it is the strongest tool we have. Numerous cancer treatments can impair the GI lining, affect the absorption of nutrients, and destroy the immune system. Intravenous nutrition can help patients heal faster, and respond better to chemotherapy and radiation so patients may experience a better quality of life. A healthy immune system can help eliminate the cancer cells that people develop everyday. The objective of Nutritional IV therapy, including Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids is to strategically and scientifically use chemical reactions and interactions of the nutrients (vitamins minerals and amino acids), foods and nutritional supplements to alter or impair the development of cancer cells by interacting with the requirements of cell formation (structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones and functions).

Because its activity is non toxic and basic, it does not interfere with conventional therapies but rather complements and enhances the effectiveness. Nutritional IV therapy combined with chemotherapy or acting alone, has stopped tumor growth, reduced tumor size, or eliminated tumors while improving one's quality of life.

Each patient is unique (cancer type, stage, and overall health conditions) and therefore, any effective treatment must be completely customized to each individual. This requires a patient profile and medical history so a thorough analysis of each patient's makeup and needs can be met. Once understood, a customized treatment plan is designed to meet individual requirements for maximum effectiveness.