Portrait® PSR

Portrait ® Plasma Skin Regeneration is unlike any other treatment offered today. It is the first and only approved technology that delivers true skin regeneration without laser or light treatment. Portrait ® is a non-surgical approach for patients. Other treatments lead to improvements only at the skin’s surface, but Portrait ® PSR alters structures below the skins surface, which creates unique conditions for regeneration and improves wrinkles, tone, texture and discoloration. During this procedure plasma energy is sent to the area being treated without having direct contact with the skin. This technique preserves the skins outer layer, which is a protective dressing until the new skin regenerates. With this treatment you will see improvements in skin texture, skin tone, and reduction of fine wrinkles at lower levels of treatment, and reduction of deep wrinkles at higher levels of treatment. New collagen growth will help improve contours and enhance your overall appearance. You will feel a localized sensation of heat during the procedure. A topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure, although Dr. Stallone may recommend different approaches based on your specific needs. A full treatment takes about 15 minutes.

Typically patients need between one and four treatments, but Dr. Stallone may recommend more or less depending on your desired outcome. It takes between two days to just over a week for your skin to appear normal with or without makeup. With lower level treatments there may be some redness, and flaking of skin. With higher level treatments, the outer skin turns brown and is shed off three to five days after treatment. skin. With higher level treatments, the outer skin turns skin. With higher level treatments, the outer skin turnThe redness of the new skin will last two to three days. Shedding may take longer at the edges of the treatment area. Redness may linger in some patients, and on darker skin the redness may appear as a darker spot the will lighten over time. Portrait ® PSR is FDA approved, and does not involve intense light radiation, which is associated with scarring and long periods of downtime. It is easier to control then messy chemical peels that corrode your skin. It is a non-surgical option for patients