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Other Water Energizing Products


Energized water reverses the energetics of cancer cells as cancer cells have very low energetic vibrations in the 2000 Bovis range while the energized water may be in the hundreds of thousands of Bovis. In addition, energized water improves cellular communication. Primordial M-Water may well be the best energized water, however, there are other devices that will energize water and fluids on a continuing basis.

One of the best is the Energized Water Pitcher . It is a plastic pitcher that has an energized gel in its walls. This gel is at 2.5 million bovis. Extremely high energy. That vibration gets transferred to any water or fluid that is put in the pitcher. Food or medicine too. If you leave water in the pitcher overnight or longer, the energetic value of the water will increase to around a million bovis which is a very high therapeutic range.

Pour it into another pitcher and make more during the day. It is an excellent value because this pitcher will last indefinitely as long as you don’t zap it or break it. You may want to start out drinking this energized water in small amounts. It could give you too much energy at first!

The Energized Gel Coaster has the same gel in a soft plastic coaster. You can put your own pitcher on it, or plate of food, and it will energize about as high, but not quite, as the energized water pitcher does. If you get three, for a little less than the cost of the pitcher, you can use one for energizing your water or fluids, one for energizing everything you eat including your medicines and supplements, and one to wear over the area your cancer is in. To zap it with very high energy.

Does energized water really work?

First off, you will notice a difference in how the water tastes. It will taste better . Or put a soft drink or mug of coffee in it or on it for a few minutes, and then drink it, you will notice a difference. Use them to energize foods and medicines and make them healthier for you.

The energized pitcher and gel coaster have one disadvantage. The energized gel in them can be destroyed by X-rays or strong electromagnetic radiation, especially microwaves. So it must be shipped outside the United States by expedited UPS to avoid being X-rayed, which is expensive.

A better choice for international shipments and something to consider even in the US is a 24 ounce crystal eMug .

Putting out a more stable energy that is even higher, over 3 million bovis, it is not effected by x-rays or your typical electromagnetic radiation so it is less expensive to ship internationally. You still shouldn’t microwave it, but you shouldn’t be microwaving anything especially if you are fighting cancer.

Even better, the eMug has the ability to neutralize the effects of electromagnetic fields on your body. So if you use it while working at the computer, it will be protecting you from EMFs at the same time.

It doesn’t energize as much water as the pitcher can, so the water won’t stay in there as long, (you drink it up faster) and doesn’t get to as high a Bovis level.

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