Products That Fight Cancer

Products That Fight Cancer

As the immune system is so important in fighting cancer, the first five products in this category are all top tier products worthy to be in any cancer program. They work on the immune system in slightly different ways.

MPS Gold Enhances Immune System, Improves Cellular Communication, Creates Tumor Necrosis Factor and more

Cancer cells are non-self . As are viruses and other pathogens in our body. By increasing the ability of the cells to communicate with each other and with the immune system, the immune system may be better able to identify what is non-self, and get rid it.

One type of product that has proved to be so effective at helping the immune system do this, a new science has developed around it. The science of Glycobiology , which deals with the role of essential long chain carbohydrates in cellular communication.

To maintain a healthy body, cells must ” talk ” to each other. Their language is one of touch, written in saccharides (or simple sugars) on the cell surfaces. Like thousands of different “keys” projecting from the cell surface, they either unlock the required functions of the adjoining cell or not. If the right keys are available, the body functions smoothly. If not, it doesn’t.

In March, 2001, Science Magazine dedicated virtually the entire magazine to the science of Glycobiology and the essential saccharides that make up these cellular communication keys.

The University of California , San Diego , announced the establishment of a Center for the further research and development of the Science of Glycobiology. And the President of the Royal Academy of Medicine in London , Dr. John Asford, said that “Sugars are going to be the molecules of the next decade.”

Eclipse Magazine reviewed the results in Uganda where they are using these glyconutrients on AIDS and cancer patients and seeing remarkable results, and the child with Projeria (fast aging disease) who is experiencing reversal in his aging process once on glyconutrients.

The best source for these special, long chain carbohydrate molecules has proven to be properly processed aloe vera. One of the top researchers in the field, Dr. Danhof, gives some details on what it does. (These are Dr. Danhof’s words based on his and other research.)

“The Aloe Vera MPS is a long chain sugar molecule composed of individual sugar molecules connected together in long linear chains. There is wide range in the size of the MPS molecule. The varying sizes determine their healing properties.

“1. Anti-inflammatory and Blood Sugar Normalization ­ Small size molecules
MPS reduces inflammation Ñ which is involved in such diseases as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastric reflux. Also helps with the reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II diabetes.

“2. Free Radical Scavenger ­ Medium size molecules
Whereas vitamins and minerals can only function outside the cells, MPS are effective intracellular antioxidant and free radical scavengers Ñ very important in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. With the ever-increasing chemical pollution all over the planet and loss of nutrients in the soil, the increase in free radicals and loss of cellular oxygen will only become worse with time.

“3. Anti-Pathogenic ­ Large size molecules
Has a direct antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast/fungus and anti-amoeba effect. This is important with all the new infectious diseases cropping up and the older ones becoming more virulent and mutating from long term use of antibiotics.

“4. Immune System Enhancement ­ Very large size molecules
The very large molecules are immune modulating, which has a powerful healing effect on AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, other chronic infections, multiple chemical exposure, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and many other immune system disorders. MPS is important with the ever-increasing number of infectious diseases that are gradually becoming resistant to antibiotics.

“The MPS molecule activates the Macrophage directly and through the liver to produce a cascade of healing effects: increases phagocytosis by the macrophage to engulf and destroy infected cells and damaged cells (the garbage eater in the body); increases interleukin and interferon levels in the body, which then increases the number and response of T-Cells and Monocytes; wound healing via fibroblast activity as well as dramatically increasing the growth of new cells and the anti-pathogenic response with viruses, bacteria, yeast fungus and amoebas.

“MPS also causes the body to produce tumor necrosis factor that destroys tumors by shutting off their blood supply.

There are several small pharmaceutical companies developing drugs using these long chain polysaccarides to fight cancer. One of them, GlycoGenesys Inc., has a successful drug going into Phase 2 of FDA testing on its way to approval for use against cancer. So there is a good amount of research in this field on how it fights cacncer.

MPS-Gold is the best aloe vera concentrate. The manufacturer of MPS-Gold uses the right kind of processing to preserve all the active ingredients. Their testing shows no other Aloe product, whole leaf, from the gel or as a powder, contains as wide a range of stabilized muco polysaccarides as MPS-Gold.

When the leaf is cut, the mineral salts and enzymes break down the MPS molecule. The proprietary extraction process, involves freeze drying the gel into a powder and takes steps to eliminate the enzymes and mineral salts (which are in most Aloe products).

The mineral salts and enzymes in Aloe can be irritating to the gut. MPS-GOLD contains higher levels of active ingredients. 60%. Less fiber. It contains the complete MPS molecule intact. Its dalton weight goes up to over two million. These higher dalton weights, over one million, are necessary for effective immune system healing, bolstering and balancing the immune system cells, for producing tumor necrosis factor.

MPS-Gold is taken as a loose powder mixed with water once a day. For health maintenance and health concerns that are not serious, a quarter to half a measuring teaspoon a day is used, with an ounce lasting 4 to 8 months. For serious health concerns, usually 2 and 1/2 measuring teaspoons a day are used, with an ounce lasting a month. Some people use 7 and 1/2 tsp a day for the most serious conditions which is three bottles for a month’s supply.

A woman in her middle forties was diagnosed with a high-grade progressive malignant bladder cancer. X-rays and a biopsy showing that her bladder was 20% consumed by the cancer, which had invaded the muscle tissue and was considered to be one of the most aggressive types. She was scheduled to have her bladder removed , but after a few weeks of taking a high dose of MPS-GOLD she went in to have the operation for bladder removal and the medical doctors found that her cancer was gone!

One man had advanced liver cancer. Chemotherapy treatments were unsuccessful . Bleeding in the intestines required months of blood transfusion. Five days after beginning one teaspoon a day of MPS-GOLD, his bleeding stopped. His health gradually improved, and he returned to a more normal routine of day to day living.

Another man in his early seventies, who was recently undergoing chemical and radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer , had lost a tremendous amount of weight, so much that his family became very concerned and ordered MPS-GOLD. Within two weeks of using a very high dose of MPS-GOLD mixed with water, 7 1/2 level measuring teaspoons, he began gaining weight and had much less nausea form the medical treatment he was receiving.

One woman, taking 7 1/2 tsp a day, said she felt it going directly to her cancer and working on it every time she took it. (She had very extensive bone cancer.)

MPS-Gold 3X is a concentrate that boosts the immune response threefold when taken with the regular MPS-Gold. It concentrates more of the heavier weight long chain molecules. You must use it with the regular MPS-Gold for it to be effective. Use half as much as the MPS-Gold you take. It has been proven via scientific studies to increase immune system response by 300% (MPS 3X contains targeted components of the galactomannan molecule). The bottle is half the size of the large MPS-Gold bottle so you use one of each. Two or three of each in a month would be a high therapeutic amount.

U-Fn: 35% U-Fucoidan Extract

There has been a great deal of research done in Japan and in Europe on the ability of a polysaccharide from seaweed to fight cancer, U-Fucoidan . In research it was discovered to cause cancer cells to self-destruct . This activity and other tumor fighting activity has been found in numerous other studies in Europe, and makes this 35% concentration a top pick. It is also excellent for dealing with an enlarged and painful prostate.

U-fucoidan is a polysaccharide found mainly in brown seaweed. Although U-fucoidan is found in other seaweeds and plants such as wakame, mozuku, and hijiki, kombu (Laminaria japonica) is distinctively rich in this substance. Brown seaweed has been found continuously to be the most beneficial among other seaweeds and plants.

Research has shown that when U-fucoidan was administered to cancer cells in test tubes, they died within 72 hours . This process is known as apoptosis; the destruction of cells from within due to activation by the digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. Currently, efforts are under way to find the consensus concerning the precise nature of U-fucoidan. Interestingly, Okinawa , Japan has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan where kombu is predominantly consumed.

U-Fn is concentrated brown seaweed extract. This product was developed to maximize the quantity of essential polysaccharides found in Laminaria japonica (kombu), and at the same time to leave a natural balance of vitamins and minerals. U-Fn is a wholesome food supplement and delivers beneficial factors of brown seaweed in the enhanced bio-available form. U-Fn is a strong antioxidant and can have immuno-modulating activity.

Health Benefits: Clinical studies have shown that fucoidan can…

  • Decrease cholesterol levels – its enzymes break down fatty acids in the liver
  • Diabetes control – slows down the release of glucose into the blood
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve liver function
  • Improve immunity – increases the production of immune cells or natural killer cells (NK cells)
  • Reduce stomach disorders
  • Skin rejuvenation – increases the production of integrin, a protein that helps in skin repair and firmness
  • Relieve allergies- because of the increase of NK cells
  • Relieve arthritis – by promoting the production of fibronetin which plays an important part in keeping joints flexible and lubricated
  • Herpes remedy – because of fucoidan’s antiviral properties
  • Stop formation of cancer cells – through a process called apoptosis (cell self-destructing)

Here’s more information on this product as found in a press release, published June 17, 1996 – from Biomedical Research Laboratories titled:


“Polysaccharide found in the seaweed kombu, U-fucoidan , discovered to cause cancer cells to self-destruct “

Biomedical Research Laboratories ( Takara Shuzo , Japan ) and their research partners have discovered that a polysaccharide known as U-fucoidan, found in brown seaweed, causes various types of established cancer cell lines to self-destruct.

These researchers have confirmed that fucoidan has anti-tumour properties and causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct. Examples of cancer cell strains where this self-destruct phenomenon was observed include: Human acute promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60 cell line) Human stomach cancer cells (AGS cell line Human colon cancer cells (HCT-116 cell line Cancer cells of the descending colon (SW-480 cell line/WiDr cell line) This self-destruction was observed to take place without affecting normal cells.


The article explains that this self-destruct phenomenon is known as apoptosis , as distinguished from necrosis, which is the death of cells directly brought about by external stimuli such as poisonous substances and physical damage to the cell. Apoptosis is brought about by a mechanism that is programmed into the natural makeup of cells.

Organisms activate this mechanism when necessary, which renders the cancer cells useless through activation of the deoxyribonuclease found within the cell itself.

Apoptosis may be said to be a natural means through which living organisms manage to eliminate harmful cells from their systems.

While the Japanese have been using U-Fucoidan extracts to fight cancer for a number of years now, a concentration of this magnitude, 35%, has not before been available in the US, and dramatically reduces the amount of capsules that need to be taken to get enough U-Fucoidan to effectively fight cancer.

Even with a concentrated brown algae extract like Modifilan, the difference is significant. 4 capsules of U-Fn supplies as much U-Fucoidan as 45 capsules of Modifilan. Which may be why people familiar with cancer fighting products feel that it is so strong and effective. They note that improvements in cancer blood tests often show up within 2 months when using 6 capsules a day.

Leonid Gordin, M.D. Cambridge , MA on the benefits of U-Fucoidan.

“The ongoing research into fucoidan has conclusively demonstrated its ability to induce cancer cell apoptosis (programmed cell death) in leukemia, stomach and colon cancer cell lines….

“Fucoidan interferes with cancer cells metastasis (anti-metastatic activity) by inhibition of physical interaction between the tumor cells and basement membrane as well as suppression of the proteolytic cascade of plasminogen activation….

“Another mechanism of antiproliferative (anti-tumor) properties of fucoidan was shown in vitro and in vivo on a cell line derived from a nonsmall-cell human bronchopulmonary carcinoma (particularly chemo resistant tumor). Fucoidan exerted antiproliferative activity with a block observed in the G1 phase of the cell cycle.”

With its extremely high concentration of U-Fucoidan, U-Fn may indeed be a premier cancer fighting product.

It is best taken before or with breakfast. Two capsules are taken per day for normal supplementation. For cancer, 6 capsules per day are recommended which is three bottles worth in a month’s time.

Whole Cell Beta -1,3D Glucan

I didn’t pay too much attention to Beta Glucan as an immune system supplement until a friend explained to me that not all beta glucan was the same. What you commonly find in health food stores and pharmacies is a split cell brewer’s yeast beta glucan that is inexpensive and not too effective. Oat beta glucan is preferred to this as it is less inflammatory. It turns out that the best, even better than the glucan in mushrooms, is a whole cell beta glucan from baker’s yeast. It is an extract and does not tend to cause problems in people with yeast allergies. This beta glucan has proven to be one of the strongest immune system supplements in several studies – thus making.

The chemical structure of beta 1,3- glucan is dependent on the source and, based on extensive published research, it is widely accepted that the beta 1,3-glucan purified from baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is the most potent anti-infective beta-glucan immunomodulator. Yeast-derived beta 1,3-glucans work, in part, by stimulating the innate anti-fungal immune mechanisms to fight a range of foreign challenges.

Researchers have reported that the orally administered beta glucan provided tumor-protective effects by statistically decreasing the size and weight of tumors removed from study animals.

Researchers at the Tokyo Dental College, University of Louisville and Biopolymer Engineering, demonstrated that mice in a colon cancer model treated daily with oral beta glucan after 21 days, had a 21 percent decrease in tumor weight and volume, compared with untreated mice in the control group. This certainly makes it a strong addition to a cancer fighting regime.

Peer reviewed literature from Harvard, Tulane, the University of Louisville , and Baylor agree. Properly manufactured Beta glucan may be the best activator/potentiator of the immune system ever discovered . Suggested usage is one 500mg capsule of this highest quality beta glucan for every 50 pounds of body weight.

AFA Blue Green Algae

AFA Blue Green Algae (A wild, fresh water blue green algae) consistently increases energy levels and gives people a greater degree of health. Like all nutrient dense green food concentrates, it helps the body detoxify and is an excellent alkalinizer .

It supplies small amounts of premium quality nutrients generally lacking from our diet — virtually every nutrient in an energetic form that maximizes their benefits because it is harvested wild and processed correctly.

This supplement also has cancer killing abilities.

The Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1996 reported “Blue-green algae…has yielded a promising new family of anti-cancer drugs, researchers said Thursday. The compounds derived from algae have shown remarkable ability to shrink tumors in mice, enough to cure some animals, said Gregory Patterson of the University of Hawaii .”

“Mice were implanted with cancer cells that cause breast and prostate cancer in humans and treated with algae-derived compounds called cryptophycins, which appear to attack the internal structure of cancer cells, blocking their ability to continue spreading. Patterson said.”

There are other ways this algae may be of help with cancer.

Virtually every trace mineral is contained in it as it grows in a mineral rich lake. Trace minerals are needed for enzymes to function. If respiratory enzymes in your mitochondria don’t have the trace minerals they need, they will be further impaired.

Containing high amounts of chlorophyll, it is an excellent detoxifier. Chlorophyll is thought to be especially valuable for dealing with cancer. Because its structure is very similar to hemoglobin, there are some who claim it may help transport oxygen. And being a concentrated green food, it is very alkalinizing.

Along with Oxygen Elements Plus, it has often been known to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy . And will not interfere with any medication.

It was one of the first living organisms on earth. The basis of life. Billions of years old.

Cellular biologists say that the enzyme system in this particular algae is virtually identical to the enzyme system in our cellular mitochondria. The mitochondria is what produces the energy in a cell. The respiratory enzymes it contains are what become damaged from lack of oxygen.

Another benefit of this particular blue green algae in fighting cancer is to supply additional respiratory enzymes to replace the damaged ones. Which would be important indeed, given Otto Warburg’s research and his idea that to fight cancer you need to take respiratory enzymes. This algae is processed in such a way that its enzymes are alive and viable.

This algae contains a significant amount (about 3-5% by weight) of the essential omega-3 fatty acid linolenic acid. The essential fatty acids present in it were remarkably bioavailable and led to the accumulation in the blood of EPA and DHA, two long chain fatty acids associated with brain function and cardiovascular health. In addition, it led to a decrease in the blood of the inflammatory fatty acid arachidonic acid.

This data suggests that this blue green algae may be a good dietary supplement to prevent deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids. Your cells need an adequate supply of omega-3 fatty acids to oxygenate properly.

Enhancing Natural Killer Cells

In March 1998, an article was published describing the effect of this algae on the migration of Natural Killer cells. This study, performed by Dr. Gitte Jensen at Royal Victoria Hospital , affiliated with McGill University , demonstrated that this algae triggered within 2 hours the migration of nearly 40% of the circulating natural killer cells. (Which the body uses to destroy viruses and cancer cells.)

This study was repeated and confirmed the results obtained previously, and further revealed that this effect is seen only in people eating this algae on a regular basis. (This second paper appeared in the Jan ’00 issue of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association.)

Suggested therapeutic dosages range up to about 15 grams a day for the most serious of conditions. Until one becomes healthy, at which point you cut back. Use about half as much for not quite so serious conditions. With both well known for providing an energy boost, blue green algae combined with Oxygen Elements Plus does a good job of getting people up and running again.

Start out using small amounts of the algae and work up to the larger amounts. It comes in two forms. Powder and in 400 mg capsules. If you are comfortable drinking it in liquids, the powder is the better choice as it is less expensive and soaking the powder in a liquid for several hours makes it even more potent. Capsules can be more convenient and if you don’t like the taste of drinking a concentrated green powder, get the capsules.

People often start out taking 3 capsules per day. However, people who need to take as much as possible, as quickly as possible, sometimes take much more. As much as 10 a day. The 1 pound container of powder will supply a high therapeutic amount for a month. The 1200 capsule bag will supply an equivalent amount. Or get the 580 capsule bag if you are not going to use the highest therapeutic dose but are going to take a normal therapeutic amount. And of course, smaller amounts can be used to try it out.

There is another form of this algae which concentrates on the blue pigment. Call Blue Manna , it concentrates the PEA in algae. PEA is a compound naturally produced by the brain. It is associated with pleasure and mental awareness and is known to enhance memory, concentration, attention and the state of joy or well-being. You may want to use a little of this if you’re not feeling full of joy and well-being!

Nature’s Biotics Soil Based Organisms

A formulation of soil based organisms has been used for years by many health care practitioners. Carefully and scientifically developed for maximum benefit and complete safety, these organisms, when taken as a probiotic, provide a remarkable range of benefits. They stimulate the immune system, clean the colon, improve digestion, kill pathogens and parasites, and more.

A healthy colon is a fundamental of good health, and soil organisms may do more than any single probiotic to improve the condition of the colon. Plus they remarkably improve the immune system . Stimulating the production of natural alpha interferon, lactoferrin, antibodies and producing a powerful antioxidant, SOD. These are cancer testimonials from the use of soil organisms.

“When I first heard about this product, well frankly, I thought to myself ‘this is probably just snake oil.’ I was very suspicious. Then I heard how people with arthritis were being helped. People with Lou Gehrig’s disease . And people with various kinds of cancer. So I went out to Los Angeles and interviewed people who had used it, and looked at their medical histories, and I became a believer. Without a doubt, people are being helped.” -Dr. Don Boys, Ph.D. Author of eight books and Guest on ABC, NBC and CBS shows such as Crossfire.

….Cancers, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, nervous disorders, high cholesterol levels and many other conditions and diseases have responded successfully to this product.”
-Dr. Phyllis Wilson Confer

“I had breast cancer that had metastasized to the bone. By the time it was found, it was simply too late for conventional therapy. It was advanced to the point of being a death sentence. I was in a lot of pain… I started taking the product and within weeks I felt decreased pain-in fact, about 95% less pain. Since then the central mass of cancer in my breast has decreased from a two and one-half inch mass to the size of a small pea.” Dr. A. Johnson

The Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients in the 1997 August/September issue reported on a small study done in Mexico using soil based organisms with “chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 35 human adults. One dropped out of the study.

The Director of the Clinical Research Division wrote: ‘The administration of (these soil organisms then called) Natur-Earth capsules to 34 individuals afflicted with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, appears to have attenuated the symptoms of approximately 80% of the treated patients.'”

A doctor, who had used these same soil organisms 20 years ago on Aids and cancer patients, says it is the best product there is for Aids and cancer. He used it with many patients with excellent results and saw excellent results in their blood work and other testing. He feels that the reason it works so well is that it produces large quantities of alpha interferon in the body.

Normally 1 bottle lasts a month at first. It may be possible to increase the speed that you work into this, and 2 bottles might be used the first month if time is of the essence. Six bottles a month, 18 capsules a day, is a high therapeutic dosage.

These comprise the top tier immune support cancer fighting immune supplements. Below are additional immune system supplements that are very good for fighting cancer that would be valuable in any cancer fighting program.


Carnivora is a patented extract of the plant, Venus’s-flytrap, developed 30 years ago by the renowned German oncologist Dr. Helmut Keller. On a trip to the United States , he marveled at it’s ability to digest protein such as insects, without harming itself as it had no digestive system. He realized that compounds in it must have the ability to breakdown primitive, unshielded protein found in insects and microorganisms while leaving the more complex cells intact.

Being an oncologist, he knew that cancer is also a primitive cell with lots of irregular protein and he thought it might prove to be a valuable tool in the fight against cancer. So he started using it with patients, and found that it was indeed, very effective against cancer, along with being excellent for fighting viral diseases, bacterial infections, fungal infections and parasites.

It works in several ways. Not only does it contain compounds that digest primitive protein while leaving normal cells alone, but studies have shown that it contains nutrients that improve immune response, increase NK and macrophage cell production, activate and increase self-defense cells in the body, provide antioxidant support, stimulate lymphocytes, reduce inflammation and more. Studies show it has no toxic or mutagenic effects in the human body up to 4,500 times the daily dosage so it is completely safe.

The well-known alternative MD, Robert Rowen has been using Carnivora in his practice for years. He began using it after reading an article by Dr. Morton Walker detailing remarkable cures of life-threatening diseases with Carnivora. Dr. Walker estimated a 45% significant response rate to cancer with Carnivora alone. Dr. Keller said the results are much higher with integrated approaches.

From what I have read about its use in Germany and now the US, it works excellently for early stage cancers, with success rates as high as 90% sometimes reported when used with other products as part as an integrated approach, but not as effective with Stage 4 cancer, especially if chemotherapy or radiation has previously been used. It is of no help with osteosarcoma.

Carnivora comes in capsules and as a liquid extract. Capsules are more mild, and can be used on their own. The liquid extract is expensive and is typically used along with the capsules where more serious support is needed. Therapeutic usage ranges from 6 to 9 capsules a day with more not necessarily being better. There are 100 capsules in a bottle. Sixty to as much as 240 drops daily of the liquid extract is the range most often used, gradually increasing from 10 drops 3 times a day. The more serious the situation, the more is used.

Dr. Rowen reports that many physicians using Carnivora for Lyme Disease, are recommending using 20 drops six to eight times daily with a drop of DMSO taken with it to enhance absorption. Each bottle of the liquid extract supplies 600 drops. Carnivora has a short life in the body, around four hours, and works best when maintained in the bloodstream as consistently as possible. Carnivora is the only brand of Venus’s-flytrap Dr. Rowen recommends as most others are diluted with problematic solvents while Carnivora is 100% undiluted and uncut.

Even though is Carnivora is very impressive and is well worth adding on to a cancer fighting regime, it didn’t make my list of top products as the liquid extract is very expensive when used in high amounts. Plus it is not particularly successful when chemotherapy has been used, and may work best for early stage cancers. I suspect the top products would do a bit better for less money.


IP-6 and inositol are found in whole grains. They make IP-3. IP-3 is a key molecule responsible for cellular signal transduction, controlling vital functions including cell proliferation and differentiation. IP-6 can lose one or more phosphate (P) while inositol can gain them. Thus the combination of IP-6 and Inositol (a common B vitamin) yields more of the crucial IP-3.

The theory is: since all cancers, irrespective of their type and origin have a common defect of uncontrolled cell proliferation, IP-3 is a key regulator of cell growth and IP-6 & inositol yield IP-3, therefore, IP-6 & inositol normalize the rate of cell division in out of control cancer cells.

IP6 has been proven to normalize the sugar production of cancerous cells. This helps make them less harmful.

It has also been proven to boost Natural Killer cell activity . These are white blood cells that target cancerous cells with the intention of destroying them.

IP6 has been shown to greatly increase the amount of the p53 gene, up to 17 times in some experiments. The p53 gene acts as a policeman by preventing genetically damaged or cancerous cells from growing and propagating . In addition, tumors are known to be more resistant to chemotherapy when p53 is low.

IP6 also inhibits inflammation . Inflammation triggers the release of cytokines which are known to cause cancer cells to grow.

It is a potent antioxidant , much more potent than green tea. And it has also been shown to enhance apoptosis or cancer cell death, reduce blood vessel growth to tumors, and inhibits metastasis of cancer.

If you are getting enough inositol from whole grains in your diet, then supplementing with just IP6 may be enough.

The best IP6 supplement, CellXcite , contains both inositol and IP6 that has been bound to calcium and magnesium. These minerals keep IP6 from leaching other minerals out of the body. It has been shown to be much stronger than taking IP6 on its own. Best assimilated on an empty stomach, 2 capsules morning and night is the normal amount to take. A high therapeutic amount is 8 capsules morning and night. (Four bottles a month.)


AHCC is a superfood that has become close to being considered a mainstream cancer therapy in Japan with over 700 hospitals using it. There is a large volume of research into its benefits. It is extracted from a shitake mushroom grown in rice bran extract. The extraction and fermentation process breaks nutrients into a small, absorbable size with a very low molecular weight. This allows it to be assimilated quickly by white blood cells. It contains a-glucans and other mono saccharides that improve and enhance the immune system.

Research has shown that AHCC increases NK cell activity by 300 to eventually as much as 800% over time by increasing the number of explosive granules they contain. It increases the number of cytokines that stimulate cellular immunity and of T lymphocytes and macrophages. AHCC has been used extensively with chemotherapy to help reverse the suppression of immunity caused by the chemotherapy.

It is recommended for any type of cancer and out of 100,000 patients, 60% have benefited to one degree or another. Reports are that it is particularly effective for liver, lung, stomach, colon, breast, thyroid, ovarian, testicular, tongue, kidney and pancreatic cancers. It reduces tumor size, inhibits metastasis and recurrence of cancer, and increases patients’ survival periods.

It has also shown itself to be excellent at reducing side effects from chemotherapy and improves quality of life and general well being for patients undergoing chemo. (Many of the supplements in this report will do this also.)


This Immune boosting product was designed to provide a convenient way to take many of the cancer cancer fighting herbs without having to take so many different pills. It is a formulation of high potency extracts including T. Brevofolia, Graviola Extract 4:1, Pau de Arco Extract, Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw) Extract, Sapogin, Reishi/Shitaki, Piperine 97%, P. Ginseng Extract 80%.

T. Brevofolia is the herb that a powerful chemotherapy drug is made from. Sapogin is included in the product because it increases the potency of the other herbs several fold. Making a product with potent immune system support in relatively small amounts of capsules. Use 1 to 3 bottles a month.

Immune Power Herbal Formula

This is a tea developed by an eminent Canadian university cancer researcher who was investigating the functional properties of some herbs in terms of cancer and leukemia (although no curative, preventive, treatment or diagnostic claims can be made for this herbal formula based on US law). It contains 15 different herbs in proprietary concentrations chosen because of their ability to kill cancer cells and to boost the immune systems ability to kill cancer cells.

I like this tea as the research behind its formulation optimizes it for cancer fighting. With some of the more famous cancer teas, who knows, at least I don’t know, what is really the original formulation and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t. They all claim they are. It provides another way to support your body’s fight against cancer and works in ways that these other supplements don’t. One cup a day for normal supplementation or 3 cups a day for therapeutic usage. One container contains 2 ounces of mixed herbs.

Cat’s Claw

These are a couple of relatively inexpensive immune system supplements that are worth taking. Like some of these other products, they may not be able to get rid of cancer on their own, (though anecdotal reports indicate they sometimes can,) but as relatively inexpensive additions to a cancer fighting regime, they are excellent.

Reports of successful use of Cat’s Claw as a South American folk remedy for cancer prompted scientists in Germany , Austria , and Italy to take a closer look at it. Compounds in it called proanthocyanidins were found to inhibit tumor growth in animals in the 1970s. Studies at the University of Munich in 1985 found several alkaloids in it with significant immunostimulant activity. An Austrian research group found several alkaloids, including Cat’s Claw, inhibit the growth of tumor cells in laboratory tests.

In Germany and Austria , standardized cat’s-claw extracts have been given to cancer patients under a physician’s care to stimulate their immune system. They have also been used in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, herpes infections, gastric ulcers, gastritis, and AIDS.


CLA is an essential fatty acid found in milk and meat. Unfortunately, while it is found in high levels in grass fed cattle and milk from grass fed cows, grain feed cows have much less of it. So much less you need to a CLA supplement to get enough of the stuff as grass fed dairy and meat is rare and expensive. And it is important in the fight against cancer.

A great many studies have shown CLA fights cancer in lab animals. In a recent study feeding rats small amounts of CLA shrank mammary tumors by 45%. Scientists added very small amounts of CLA to breast cancer cells growing in a culture. By the 8th day, the CLA had killed 93% of the cells. And a group of Finnish researchers found that women who consumed the most CLA in their diets had a 60% lower risk of breast cancer than those who consumed the least.

Flax seed oil and cottage cheese has been used as a cancer fighting duo in Europe for decades with good success. A couple of tablespoons in some cottage cheese daily. Make sure you get it from the refrigerated section of a health food store as it goes bad if it is not refrigerated. Or if you grind the whole flax seeds in a coffee grinder, keep the ground meal in the refrigerator. Don’t buy mail order because the shipping at room temperature will harm it. CLA does not need to be refrigerated.

I mmunoPro and RenewPro Undenatured Whey Protein

Undenatured whey protein has long been known for its cancer fighting abilities. They can powerfully support the immune system with their immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, and they increase levels of glutathione which is the body’s main free radical scavenger and a major agent in detoxification of cells. In addition they support cellular repair and are a very digestible protein source.

These are the only whey proteins on the market that are not a byproduct of cheese production which destroys immune factors. They are a low heat processed, medicinal undenatured whey protein easy to digest and assimilate and are excellent for someone with cancer needing additional protein .

Not only because of its digestibility. Because they are undenatured, and are the only whey proteins truly undenatured, they contain very high levels of lactoferrin and other immune factors that support the body’s fight against cancer. ImmunoPro supplies 175 mgs of lactoferrin per serving and the less expensive RenewPro contains 125 mgs per serving. (There are 60 servings per container.) These are much higher levels than what are found in the typical whey protein supplements, enough to make a significant improvement in the functioning of your immune system. In fact, some very good and expensive lactoferrin supplements contain much less lactoferrin and are just as expensive. And with them, you don’t get any of the other important immune support activity that is in these pesticide and antibiotic free whey products.

There is a whey protein that has a medical patent for use with cancer. ImmunoPro and RenewPro are even more potent and much less expensive.

One other important point. If you are needing additional nutrient support in a liquid form, or if you just need to get some sort of highly digestible protein into your body, after all, many people actually die from malnutrition with cancer, seriously consider the use of ImmunoPro or the less expensive RenewPro. You will get the benefits of the protein consumption. Plus, a whole lot of immune system components, and production of more glutathione in your body which helps to detoxify each and every cell. Each serving supplies 4 grams of protein. There is no reason why someone couldn’t take 6, 8, 10 or even more servings a day if they needed to.

Cancer Fighting abilities of Goji Juice and Pomegranate-Noni Juice

Over the last few years the alternative health community has discovered the remarkable health benefits of some exotic, health promoting fruit juices. Noni Juice, Xango from the Mangosteen fruit and Goji Juice have been the main three. From what I hear talking to users of these drinks, more Xango needs to be taken to knock out cancer than Goji or Noni. Goji has a range of 4 to 8 ounces a day, Noni at least 8 ounces daily and Xango at least twice as much is needed.

Most Noni juice and Xango have a lot of fruit juice added to them to improve the taste and reduce the cost. 40% or so is the amount I heard. While the Goji Juice is 98% Goji, and each batch is analyzed to confirm purity and usefulness so it has been my top recommendation. But recently I discovered a Noni Juice that was mixed in equal amounts with Pomegranate Juice that I like very much. Pomegranate is noted for its cardiovascular improving and cancer fighting abilities.

Research shows that it fights all cancer but especially targets estrogen based cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer. In addition studies show that it is effective against lung cancer and skin cancer. Pomegranates are a source of ellagic acid and you can obtain it in powdered form in the Ellagic Formula with Graviola . According to master herbalist Donald Yance in his book HERBAL MEDICINE, HEALING & CANCER, ellagic acid “inhibits cancer formation and is believed to inhibit cancer mutation by latching onto DNA-masking sensitive sites on the genetic material that might otherwise be occupied by harmful chemicals. Ellagic acid is particularly effective in the inhibition of lung cancer caused by tobacco. ” Pomegranate contains anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins, which have been shown in experiments to reduce tumor angiogenesis.

Over the last decade there have been many reports of people overcoming cancer, even serious cancers sometimes very quickly, by taking lots of Noni Juice. It supplies several types of nutrients that help out in the fight against cancer. As with any of these safe whole food natural supplements, you can’t take too much. So I like the combination of Pomegranate-Noni Juice .

Goji Juice works in a different way then these other juices, supplying immune boosting polysaccarides. It is also exceptionally energetic. Thanks to a French researcher in the 1930’s, Antoinne Bovis, some people can measure the “life force” or “natural earth energy” present in water, plants, rock formations and the like. Ranging from zero to infinity, those trained in the required intuitive methods can assign a “Bovis” value to whatever they measure. For example, human beings show a reading on the Bovis scale of 6,500.

Scientific research has correlated the clockwise or right spin of atoms and molecules with a Bovis reading above 6,500 is essentially energy invigorating or enhancing to us.

FreeLife’s “Himalayan Goji Juice” shows a reading of 355,000 … the highest reading that many health professionals have reported ever receiving. Some recorded Bovis energy ratings: Noni Juice 17,000, Sea Silver 24,000, Limu 54,000, Himalayan Goji Juice 355,000.

The Hertz Energy Scale is named for the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894), who proved in 1887 that energy is transmitted through a vacuum by electromagnetic waves. It is another way to measure the energetic quality of a product. Some recorded Hertz energy ratings: Noni Juice 0 – 500, Sea Silver 2,000, Limu 2,000, Xango 3,000, Himalayan Goji Juice 6,000.

Goji berries are exceptionally nutrient dense, and their antioxidant and immune boosting activities have proven to be valuable for cancer.

Goji berries are the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods . They contain 500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges. They also contain polysaccharides which fortify the immune system. A polysaccharide found in this fruit has been found to be a powerful secretagogue (a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone by the pituitary gland).

Goji berries have been traditionally regarded as a longevity, strength-building, and sexual potency food of the highest order. In several studies with elderly people where the berry was given once a day for 3 weeks, in 67% of the patients T cell transformation functions tripled and the activity of the patients white cell interleukin-2 doubled. In addition, the results showed that in everyone, spirit and optimism increased significantly, appetite improved in 95%, 95% slept better, and 35% partially recovered sexual function.

A more cost effective way to get your goji nutrients is to get a special brand of handpicked goji berries from deep in the mountains of Tibet . Not only will they provide the polysaccarides for fighting cancer, but this particular brand is extremely high in antioxidants. 100 berries have tested ORAC antioxidant capacity of 25,000 to 36,000. These are very high numbers, much higher than any of the juice drinks out there. And beats the top antioxidant berries too. Each batch that comes in is tested to insure its high quality.

Energizing the Thymus Gland

The thymus gland controls the immune system. It is most active in children and becomes less active and smaller as we age. I read of a study where a group of 55 people with inoperable oat cell lung cancer were given thymosin, a thymus hormone. Survival time doubled and 21 people given very high amounts were alive 2 years later.

Experts seem to feel that it works best for age related cancers like kidney, lung and prostate. Pituitary cancers have also been helped by use of natural thyroid hormones in some people with low thyroid levels. Check with your doctor on whether he thinks these hormones might be of benefit to you. You can read more about this in a book by Stephen Langer, M.D. called Solved: The Riddle of Illness .

Boosting the thymus gland naturally is going to help the immune system fight cancer. Here are a two things that can help you can do just that.

Wear an Energized Medallion . It was designed to energize the thymus. A small glass oval, it is filled with the high energy gel (more on this later), that when worn over the thymus, puts that energy into the thymus. Some users report an almost immediate improvement in energy and sense of well being. Or you can…

Another way to increase the activity of the thymus gland is to take a liquid colostrum whey product. This contains a concentration of thymic immune factors found in bovine colostrum, and helps to boost the immune system because of these factors. You would want to take large doses to get as many of these immune factors as possible. Take two to three tablespoons a day the first month, 6 to 9 bottles worth, and less after that.

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