Products That Fight Cancer

Cancer Weakness #5: Kill Candida & Other Fungal Infections


Total Immune Booster

I selected this as my top candida and fugus fighting product because it fights cancer in several other ways as it kill all types of fungal infections. That’s because it contains a formulation of live friendly organisms from fermentation. Live lacto-fermented foods are noted for their cancer fighting abilities which has been proven beneficial in several studies. They put a multitude of good bacteria into your guts that you are not getting from anywhere else.

Live fermented foods do not include the typical pickles, sauerkraut and yogurts. These were fermented and then pasteurized or had vinegar added to kill the bacteria. They do include live fermented sauerkraut and pickles like in the Rejuvenation products and fresh Kefir.

Live yogurt contains transient beneficial bacteria that keep the digestive system clean and provide food for the friendly bacteria that already are present. However, organisms from kefir and other types of live lacto-fermented foods actually colonizes the intestinal tract — a feat that yogurt cannot match. And they are much more aggressive at getting rid of the bad bacteria and candida in your guts.

An excellent way to get these fermentation organisms is to take a unique, patent pending probiotic formulation, Living Grains , found in a supplement called Total Immune Booster .

Living Grains is a combination of 67 organisms found in lacto-fermented products, grown together in a colony before being made dormant. When they activate in your intestinal tract, they form a cohesive colony of friendly organisms that kill off bad bacteria and fungus, and are much more effective than other probiotics at recolonizing the intestinal tract. Just like eating live fermented foods with the addition of some soil organisms. There is plenty of research showing the cancer fighting capabilities of live fermented foods.

In addition Total Immune Booster has a patented garlic allicin extract , AlliMax. Allicin is the most important, the active ingredient in garlic, AlliMax is the best way to get allicin from a supplement because most garlic supplements cannot effectively create allicin. This is allicin already. Garlic has had a long history of being excellent to take for fighting cancer.

In fact, no other food is more mentioned in the literature for its cancer fighting properties. Plus the Allimax will kill candida and other funguses throughout the body. Just be sure to double or triple the usual dose of a bottle a month till you get the results you want.

Total Immune Booster also contains small amounts of a couple of other nutrients mentioned in this report, whole cell beta glucan and Wolfberry (Goji berry). And a bit of Swedish Flower Pollen which works on the immune system in other ways. Whether you want the probiotic formulation or the garlic, it’s worth considering taking this as one of the basics of good health.

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