Products That Fight Cancer

Cancer Weakness #9 – Raise Your Subtle Energy Level


Primordial M-Water gets included in my top picks because of numerous reports of it reversing cancer. Of people not able to keep anything down who began to take Primordial M-Water and found their nausea ended, that were able to get out of their hospital beds and go home within days after being full of tubes, once it was added to their IV. Of a woman whose hair and turned white, who had become crippled with arthritis after chemotherapy and radiation. After drinking M-Water for a year, her hair had regained its color, the arthritis was gone and her period had returned. Here’s how it works.

About 70% percent of your body is water. Water is the means by which nourishment is circulated throughout your body. In addition, it serves as the transporter of energy and energetic vibrations throughout the body as water copies and transmits the energetic vibrations of everything it is exposed to. When you drink Primordial M-Water, it is able to produce healthy coherent energy throughout the body, replacing the disorderly, non-coherent energy related to disease.

Primordial M-Water is the only functional water that has had scientific testing on it, comparing the size of its micro clusters to a number of other functional waters. Both it and the water you make with it had much smaller micro clusters than the other waters. Meaning that it is much better at hydrating cells because the water is of smaller size and is better able to get into cells. The Optimal Wellness research study done on it, they do controlled studies on every product they recommend, showed that hydration of cells increased an average of 22.3% in just a month. It is a recommended product for almost everyone who takes the Optimal Wellness test and is well worth using whether you take the test or not.

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