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15 Benefits of Increased Hydration


1) Significant detoxification of stored cellular toxins.

2) Balances body pH towards neutral.

3) Markedly elevates available oxygen to the cells.

4) Improves immune system function.

5) Increases energy to the body as a whole.

6) Lowers pain from any condition.

7) Increases oxygenation of cells.

8) Improves the absorption and utilization of all nutrients and supplements.

9) Helps balance blood sugar.

10) Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

11) Makes a big difference in losing weight.

12) Decreases tendencies for cellular mutation.

13) Makes sure the brain is in top function for improved mental performance.

14) Lowers tendencies of depression and anxiety disorders.

15) Deeper sleep to release stress from the day’s activity.

When you add a little M Water to ordinary good quality drinking water, it transforms that water in a more perfect water with smaller crystals, more coherence and higher energy.

Mix a couple of teaspoons of Primordial M-Water in a gallon of drinking water, and you can drink high quality water that hydrates and energizes your body.

Because cells with cancer vibrate at a low energetic level, by drinking this water you start to raise the vibratory levels of the cells and negate the cancer energy vibrations. And as so much of your body is water, raising the energetic level of the water is of significant benefit. Again this is the only water which has research studies behind it proving that it increases energy in the body.

The essence of what takes place in Primordial M-Water goes beyond the size issue of the molecular clusters – as important as that is. At a deeper level of what water is all about, there is a coherent frequency message in Primordial M-Water This coherent frequency message in Primordial M-Water is compatible with the frequency of the water that makes up the cells of the body, which in turn allows water to become easily absorbed into the cells of the gut, and then to the general circulation, and to every cell of the body.

In contrast, even what is considered high quality bottled spring water does not have small enough molecular clusters to facilitate quick absorption. People who drink Primordial M-Water often express that they enjoy drinking it as compared to normal water.

Below you will read about products that can also energize water though they may not be able to micro cluster or energize it to the degree that Primordial M-Water does. They certainly haven’t been proven to do so. Primordial M-Water has been. One bottle will hydrate your drinking water for a month, though for cancer, more is better. If you drink up to 4 ounces a day plus put a couple of teaspoons in every gallon of drinking water, you may need 6 bottles for a month.

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