Regenerative Joint Therapy-Prolotherapy



REGENERATIVE JOINT THERAPY, also known as prolotherapy, specifically treats laxity in ligaments as well as swelling and pain in the effected joint (ligaments are the strong band-like structures that hold bones and joints together). If the ligaments become stretched or torn due to injury it can cause severe and chronic pain.

Regenerative Joint Therapy (RJT) is less invasive than traditional surgical repair because it uses the body’s own healing ability to repair itself. It takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair muscles and ligaments without scar tissue. The treatment involves injections of local anesthetics and other commonly available natural/safe substances which causes an inflammatory reaction to stimulate the body to make new connective tissue.

This injection technique has been performed for decades with great success and can be used in the spine (neck and back), the sacroiliac joints, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. The procedure has also been effective in treating degenerative joint disease and may actually prevent further joint degeneration. The advantage of RJT is that the injured person can continue to exercise, work and play following the treatment avoiding the long rehabilitation that usually follows surgery.

RJT is becoming even more popular as a primary tool in the management of patients with chronic pain, as well as acute injuries. Overuse injuries in sports and work are often nothing more than stretched ligaments and respond very well to RJT.

Regenerative Joint Therapy is sometimes called sclerotherapy or reconstructive therapy (all of refer to the stimulated healing process). Studies show that these injections heal without scarring the ligaments and surrounding tissue. All wound healing, tissue repair and biopsy material demonstrates that the body repairs minimally and non-surgical injured tissue to its genetically original state and does so with a high degree of reliability.

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