Sodium Bicarbonate

Dr. T. Simoncini, an oncologist in Rome, Italy has pioneered sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) therapy as a means to treat cancer. The fundamental theory behind this treatment lies in the fact that, despite a number of variable factors, the formation and spreading of tumors is simply a fungus.

Sodium bicarbonate, unlike other anti-fungal remedies to which the fungus can become immune, is extremely diffusible and retains its ability to penetrate the tumor. This is especially due to the speed at which it disintegrates it, which makes fungi’s adaptability impossible, thus it cannot defend itself.

Sodium bicarbonate is administered directly on the tumor, if possible. Otherwise, it is possible to administer it by the selective arteriography, which basically means selecting specific arteries through which to administer and subsequently begin to dissolve the tumor. Selective arteriography represents a very powerful weapon against fungi that is painless, leaves no after effects, and has very low risks.

With sodium bicarbonate, it is possible to reach almost all organs; they can be treated and can benefit from a therapy which is harmless, fast, and effective.
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