Spinal Manipulation


Spinal manipulation is a common modality performed by Paul Stallone, NMD that treats joints, muscles and surrounding tissue that are not functioning properly. The patient is gently positioned in a manner that isolates the affected joint from the others; the patient is asked to relax and a gentle thrust from the doctor's hand is applied to the joint. This gently manipulates the joint surfaces, and usually results in a popping sound, also known as a cavitation, caused by the release of gas bubbles in the joint's lubricating fluid. Often back, neck and other joint pain, as well as decreased range of motion, are the result of the muscles and bones not moving properly. Spinal manipulation is a great safe modality to restore full motion to the joints, which then decreases associated muscle tension and pain.

Patients seek spinal manipulation for various conditions, but more readily seek this modality after motor vehicle collisions, sports injuries and work related accidents, especially where whiplash or complex injuries to the ligaments and tendons have occurred. Spinal manipulation is an effective treatment to repair the affected area and prevent further complications like spine and joint pain, spasms, headaches, degenerative joint disease, arthritis, chronic pain and more.

Paul Stallone, NMD uses various modalities to treat pain and pain related issues; a thorough history is taken and an orthopedic and neurological exam is performed to fully understand and assess the proper treatment for musculoskeletal issues.