Sports Medicine

Sport Medicine

At Arizona Integrative Medical Center we treat the whole person and address the underlying etiologies that cause disease; we understand and focus on treating each patient individually. Paul Stallone, NMD has earned a tremendous reputation for providing advanced quality health care for various health concerns. Many of his patients seek help after sports injuries and/or want to better their abilities within the sport of their choice. Dr. Stallone focuses on building injured ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia and cartilage to overall treat injuries and improve sports performance. Utilizing natural integrative treatments for sports, ultimately decreases recovery healing time, reduces risk of injury, improves stamina, maximizes energy transfer, enhances utilization of oxygen, glucose and insulin, achieves lean muscle gains and relieves pain. This is achieved with various natural/homeopathic medicines, supplementation, and the integration of highly advanced natural compounds and adaptogens for health promotion, and sports medicine agents that provide natural and safe outcomes for these athletes. Dr. Stallone offers help through successfully proven treatment protocols that are customized for each of his patients. It is through a natural-holistic, integrated and comprehensive approach to the treatment of underlying physiological factors that differentiates his approach and ultimate patient success. It is our goal at AIM Center to help others by integrating medical protocols with alternative protocols to help patients achieve their specific sports goals.