Christie R.

"I'd like to thank you for not only looking at our website, but for also taking the time to learn more about Dr. Stallone's staff. My name is Christie and I'm Dr. Stallone's front office receptionist. I'm the newest member to Dr. Stallone's office, although I'm very familiar with the naturopathic side of medicine. When I moved to Arizona I really wanted to pursue more holistic medicine since all I've worked with is traditional medicine. I heavily disliked the widely accepted way doctors treated their patients, with antibiotics and pain killers. I never saw results, and more often than not those patients only got worse. When I started working as a colon hydrotherapist I learned a great deal about the body and the need to keep it "clean". It definitely challenged me and the way I lived. I made some changes in my diet and lifestyle, and I started feeling good for the first time. I'm very excited to work with Dr. Stallone and Michelle. I've already learned and seen so much since working here, and I come to work every day excited because I never know what I'm going to encounter. I hope all your questions are answered from browsing the website, and if not please call our office. Chances are you'll be speaking to me! Hope to hear from you soon.!"

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