Benefits of Using Alternative Medicine for Pain Management

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Benefits of Using Alternative Medicine for Pain Management

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 40 percent of Americans report using alternative medicine therapies for pain control. Alternative medicine offers an integrated approach to healing and may include interventions such as herbal remedies, reflexology, prolotherapy, chiropractic, nutritional supplements, massage therapy and acupuncture.

Pain Management

Many people turn to alternative medicine therapies for pain relief when traditional treatments fail to work. Alternative medicine also offers treatment options to individuals who do not have access to pain clinics under their health insurance plans. A study published in the Journal of Pain Medicine conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Health System, found that older individuals who suffer chronic pain conditions use alternative therapies more frequently.

Joint Pain Management

Joint Pain can be treated naturally using alternative medicine. Regenerative Joint Therapy, or Prolotherapy, is a technique that uses injections filled with natural substances, nutrients and Ozone to relieve pain in the injured joint.

Stem cell therapy also offers chronic pain sufferers the ability to use specialized stem cells to replicate bone, organ, or muscle cells to replace damaged ones.

These therapies have helped thousands of patients avoid joint replacement surgery.


Alternative medicine therapies used together with conventional medical treatments can alleviate some of the symptoms of cancer and lessen the negative side effects of conventional medical treatments. Chemotherapy, although effective in increasing the survival rate of many cancer patients, can produce unpleasant side effects. Some cancer patients are able to tolerate chemotherapy treatments better when using an alternative to control side effects like fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, night sweats and aching.

Overall Health

Alternative medicine can be beneficial to a person’s overall well being, as the approach focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. Treatment methods such as massage therapy, biofeedback, meditation and visual imagery help a person to relax and reduce stress. Art and music therapies are used to relieve symptoms of depression and schizophrenia by stimulating the natural release of endorphins and opiates in the body, in addition to helping individuals let go of deeply repressed emotions.


Alternative medicine therapies can be less expensive than conventional medical treatments. Although some alternative therapies are not cheap, many herbal remedies and other natural treatments still cost less than prescription medications and treatments. In fact, most insurance companies will reimburse you for alternative medicine practices if you submit a claim.

Side Effects

In most cases, effective alternative therapies have fewer or no side effects as opposed to conventional medical treatments. Natural remedies can also help you decrease dependency on prescription medications.

Why Choose Arizona Integrative Medical

Many types of pain can be treated with alternative medicine. A Naturopathic specialist will listen to your symptoms, design a treatment plan specific to your needs, and will work to treat your ailment at its source.

Arizona Integrative Medical Center doctor, Paul Stallone, provides alternative medicine, homeopathy, and holistic naturopath treatments to patients across the state of Arizona. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Stallone today, please click here.

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How Alternative Medicine Can Help Prevent and Treat Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death and can be a very frightening disease to deal with. However, many don’t realize that there are alternative methods to prevent and treat cancer. Alternative cancer treatments can also help you cope with symptoms caused by cancer care and treatment.

Prevention Techniques

Preventing cancer, in theory, is relatively simple. Eat a clean diet, exercise regularly, manage stress and avoid pollutants. However, most people are unable to commit 100% to these lifestyle choices. A naturopathic physician can help fill in any gaps and help reduce the effects of certain vices. For example, if red meat is a particularly hard food to avoid for you, a naturopath can recommend supplements to help with inflammation. Most negative food choices can be minimized with the right corresponding supplement. Or for maximum support, a naturopath can prescribe an intravenous regime. High doses of certain nutrients can support the immune system greatly and help fight off diseases like cancer.


It’s imperative to fight cancer with a multi-faceted treatment plan, because one direction of cancer care is not enough to cure this disease. This is why alternative medicine creates a treatment plan specific to each patient and his/her diagnoses. Many things must be taken into consideration when creating a treatment plan, such as cancer type, stage, overall health, lifestyle and the emotional state of the patient.

Common treatment options for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. Alternative treatment like intravenous therapies can help defeat cancer when combined with conventional medicine. For instance, research showed that patients who received combined treatment of conventional and  intravenous Vitamin C therapy had a slower progression of the disease, while others stated that the side effects of chemotherapy were less pronounced.

Ozone Therapy can also be used to treat cancer. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms. It is used as an alternative therapy to improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen and to activate the immune system. In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat diseases by limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa. This creates an undesirable environment for diseases like cancer.

Why Choose Arizona Integrative Health

At Arizona Integrative Health Center, we provide efficient treatments and cancer care along with therapeutic options to support patients undergoing cancer treatment. We utilize choice alternative medicine to provide conventional treatment and the diagnostic tools necessary in cancer care. Any cancer diagnosis often leaves individuals feeling overwhelmed and helpless. We strive to ease each patient’s concerns and provide them with optimal physical and emotional support. We also go to great lengths to help our patients choose the most effective treatment plan for them.

The cancer journey can be a long, stressful and strenuous one. Finding a physician and support system that you trust can make all the difference in the world. To schedule a consultation, please click here.  For more information, please call 480-214-3922.

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