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The Hollywood Smile: What is the Secret?

The Perfect Smile!

A perfect smile often appears to be a far-fetched dream where you are required to spend thousands of dollars and undergo painful procedures. If you have ever researched the perfect star-studded smile, you’ll know that it takes more than teeth whitening and hydrogen peroxide treatments. A LOT of work goes into it! One of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood is perhaps — a good set of veneers, and you’ll see many famous people, including sportspeople and business people, owning a great set. Let us scoop on this secret and find out how it works!
Dental Transformation or Perfection?

Most Hollywood stars have been open about their dental transformation journeys and have shared their experiences and mentioned how veneers made their journey more comfortable. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that is attached to the natural tooth to enhance the smile cosmetically. They can help disguise a gap, length of the teeth and cover a crooked smile. The procedure takes about two weeks to complete, and it exists as an excellent alternative to braces that give you permanent white teeth, especially customized for you. If you plan to get this done, the dentist will drill your tooth’s surface and then bond the porcelain cap to the teeth’ front. It is an easy yet effective method to get that perfect smile, so it is so popular among most A-list celebrities!

Now, the question is, if they are so popular, why do they have a bad reputation? Sometimes, the porcelain set or the faux smile does not look natural; it can be blinding white, opaque, or square, which discards its purpose. An excellent faux smile has to look natural, blend well with the environment, and compliment your face at the smile time. The proper treatment doesn’t require thorough drilling of the tooth either, and they don’t break or crack easily either.
… Another!

‘Teeth Whitening’ has emerged as an aesthetic dental treatment because it provides us with the shiny white teeth we once could only dream of. In today’s age, when social media platforms demand updates at every instant, it has become a necessity to look good and smile to the fullest. Unlike fairness creams and skin lightening treatments, teeth whitening provides you with instant results, and with new technology and better techniques, this is slowly becoming accessible to all. Some of the stores even offer teeth whitening kits that can be utilized at home, and for once, we all can stop blaming our morning coffee and enjoy it for what it is.

It is no doubt that the first thing people notice about you is your smile and being a universal gesture of acceptance; this is a wordless way to tell people how confident and content you are in your skin. White teeth are not just about the dreamy smile, but it also indicates good hygiene and serves as a reflection of your polished and composed self.
The Dental Association does not approve of the at-home bleaching strips and gel-kits, so it is better to properly get the treatment and use the correct products after consulting with your dentists.