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The Clock is Running on Our Anti-Aging Program

Dr. Paul Stallone describes natural options to look and feel younger
by Dr. Paul Stallone

Most of us would appreciate feeling like we did when we were younger, with endless energy and an Oreo-friendly metabolism. However, all good things must come to an end, and now we need coffee and a nap here and there. We take our vitamins and choose the salad instead of fries. These simple choices help us feel better on the inside, but what about the stranger that looks at us from the mirror? Wrinkles, sagging skin and puffy eyes make us feel decades older then we feel.

With the right counsel, non-invasive options are available to help reverse signs of aging. Certain nutrients may actually help us age slower and help prevent disease. Resveratrol, astaxanthin, glutathione, and CoQ10 are excellent nutrients that can slow aging from the inside-out. Quality collagen taken orally can help increase the body’s own supply, which may help reduce lines and wrinkles, thicken skin and promote healthier hair. For maximum anti-aging benefits, we should consult with a knowledgeable physician that can dispense physician-grade supplements with patient-specific dosing.

If we’re like millions of other people that want something more proactive, there are injectable products for wrinkles and lost volume. With the right physician, these safe therapies can literally turn the clock back. We might be surprised how many people discreetly receive aesthetics, achieving a younger more refreshed look. There are even products that can utilize our own biological matter to replace lost volume that can last for two years or longer.

For some people, looking and feeing younger involves weight loss. This can be achieved in numerous ways, from supplements to regulating imbalanced hormones. If we’re committed to our health, losing weight can be fairly easy with the right support. Speak with a naturopathic physician that may recommend doing lab work to see which treatment plan is right. Many people report weight loss without changing anything except adding hormone replacement therapy. Others may be candidates for weight-loss programs that have the ability to reset our metabolism.

Looking great starts with feeling great on the inside. If we feel like we could use some improvement in our life, we should start with contacting a physician. The smallest change could make a significant difference, if it’s the right change for us. These therapies are not our only anti-aging options; there are more aggressive measures to really reverse time. Anti-aging is more about feeling good about ourselves. Don’t lose any more time and consult with an experienced naturopathic physician about feeling and looking our best.

Source: Natural Awakenings Phoenix Edition