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More Oxygen Equals Less Cancer

Ozone is gaining in popularity as more studies show it may inhibit cancer from growing, says Dr. Paul Stallone.

by Dr. Paul Stallone

For decades, it’s been shown that cancer cells do not thrive in an aerobic (oxygen-rich) environment. It was a German biochemist that discovered cancer cells survive without oxygen. This means that unlike healthy cells that burn oxygen and glucose to produce energy, cancer cells ferment sugar to meet their energy needs. This discovery pioneered the way cancer is thought of and addressed, and Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in 1931 for this major medical discovery.

Many factors can contribute to cancer, and almost every single factor can be avoided or prevented. Only 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are linked to a genetic inheritance, while some scientists think the rest are caused by things like inadequate exercise, poor food choices, excessive alcohol use, smoking, chronic stress and toxic overload. All of these factors impact oxygen levels within the body and create an atmosphere for disease to thrive. When there is not enough oxygen for cells to convert blood sugar into energy, they are forced to convert sugar via a fermentation process. Not only is fermentation less efficient, but it itself contributes to an acidic environment with the fermentation byproduct lactic acid.

Making lifestyle changes can still be very beneficial in preventing a cancer diagnosis, but these changes can also aid in treating cancer and preventing its reoccurrence. Many changes are common sense, but any cancer-educated naturopathic physician can map out a plan with specific supplements to reduce toxins, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

Lifestyle changes are very important when the goal is to prevent cancer, however, once cancer has developed, more aggressive treatment is needed. One therapy that utilizes a form of oxygen for cancer care is major autohemotherapy or MAH. Many diseases, including cancer, may respond very well to MAH therapy, as this intravenous treatment oxygenates the blood and helps bolster the immune system. Medical-grade ozone gas (O3) is the major component of MAH treatments.

Ozone has amazing health benefits and has been utilized by numerous countries over the last 50 years. Ozone may stimulate the production of white blood cells, responsible for killing cancer, bacteria and viruses. White blood cells require oxygen to function properly, and without a healthy, oxygenated system, they have a difficult task in destroying cancer cells.

While several studies have shown ozone may inhibit cancer cells from growing, it can do much more. Ozone is gaining popularity in the U.S. and for good reason, but considerations such as the administering physician and method of treatment should be given concern because not all protocols are the same. Using MAH to hyper-oxygenate the body is a promising adjunct to prevent and treat cancer, but it can also address other diseases that thrive in an oxygen-deprived body. Speaking with a naturopathic physician certified in ozone use is highly recommended for anyone with cancer.