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Home Remedies and Medicine: Does it Work?

What are Home Remedies?

Home remedies are the prepared solutions at home or the steps taken to take care of some physical issues that might not be very serious and can be cured by a simple treatment at home. It may be used for fever, pains, some skin issues that don’t need a professional’s attention and can be taken care of ourselves, are called home remedies.

In present-day Europe, using folk medicine plants is mostly obtained from written sources, such as books on popular medicine or pharmacopeias. The situation in contemporary Estonia does not differ much. The Estonian scholars of this specific field can find information in various collections of the Estonian Folklore Archives, dating back to the middle and end of the 19th century. As such, this collection is unique in the world. The earliest part of the folklore materials are based on traditional Estonian ethnobotany, which is perhaps only slightly affected by written sources. Only a few books or newspapers were published in the local language until the 19th century. The first appeal to collect folklore on ethnobotany was made in 1877 by a well-known pharmacist, Johann Georg Dragendorff. Still, the next collection campaign initiated by Jakob Hurt in 1888 yielded already impressive results. With the popularity of using herbal cures in the twenty-first century, Estonia has several reasons and remedies due to its familiarity with nature. Many still collect berries, mushrooms, and potherbs. Herb collection, in general, is a part of the local heritage, and many private enterprises in Estonia deal with the cultivation and sale of herbs. They can be bought from local grocery stores, markets, and even pharmacies. Medical doctors can recommend herbal treatments for mild illnesses, and many remedies are still held among modern Estonians. They fit with global trends characterized by a growing strive toward the natural lifestyle also evident in health behavior and an attitude toward pharmaceutical companies as businesses who prioritize income above welfare.

Why are they used?

Usually, they are used to provide ease and relief to deal with body problems that don’t need professional attention; at times, they are very effective and give a lot of comfort to the uncomfortable person and having aches, fever, or some digestive issues.

Top 5 home remedies?


Peppermint has been used as a remedy for a long period to treat problems like bowel syndrome, in which a person suffers from cramps and diarrhea. Peppermint oil is a relief in this physical condition.


Honey is a healthy, natural sweetener that eases cough and sore throat.


Turmeric helps people with fatty liver and arthritis.


Ginger has been a part of treatments done at home for a long time, but it has proven to be very effective in treating diarrhea, heartburn, and gas. Ginger is effective in digestive issues.


Garlic is a very important component and should be a part of our daily life food intake; it is known for preventing certain cancer types, lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Modern clinics, often located in natural surroundings, offer a wide range of services from diagnosis to treatment. If it takes one day or several weeks, forget all your everyday troubles and entrust yourself to experienced professionals. The procedures and treatments based on herbs cover a wide range of beauty services and exercises to choose from. They all tend to enhance well-being as they are carried out under professionals’ watchful supervision, be it doctors or nurses. Further, you can also consult a specialist, use dental treatment, and take a chargeable analysis